I would like to welcome all too my new web site.  In using my old site, I found there were some features (or lack of) that I found to be annoying and basically a pain in the butt.  So I moved here.  I hope this site proves to be more “User Friendly”.  I intend on staying the course and reporting and commenting on current events and other newsworthy items that I feel must be highlighted and expanded on.   As you will notice,  the look of the page has changed.  There are some things that are no longer included, but I hope the new look and feel of this site makes up the difference.  I have included all of the same links found on my other front page, but unlike the other page, I will include the reference web sites address in the body of the text.  Copy and paste into browser to go to the site.  Please check them out and most importantly, use them.   Please check back often for new items and commentary from “A Conservative American Vet’s Point of View”.

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