The Dems have always been in favor of big government but this is just plain ludicrous.  How does he plan to pay all of these people without raising taxes.  Simply put, he can’t.  With 600,ooo new employees on the payroll our government will be bloated to an unprecedented size and we are all going to take a huge hit in the pocket book in order to pay for it.  I hope that the liberals who voted for him will begin to realize what they have done when they see their own budgets shot to hell because of all the new taxes they allowed to be created.  My wife was telling me that the other people where she works were talking about what new information is now coming out about Obama.  Us being conservative and the vast majority of them being Libs, they did not hear this so called new information until now.  My wife told them that this information is not new and was available long before the election and they chose not to hear it.  Both my wife and I are surrounded by Libs where we work.  These people are either unwilling or unable to understand the truth even when it hits them right in the face.  They are so brainwashed , in my opinion they are nothing more than lemmings, drones and believe the earth is flat.  One told me the other day that Fox news is “rotting my brain”.  Well, in order to not exacerbate the situation, I just let the comment go and let her believe what she wants to believe.  I see bumper stickers all day bashing GW in all sorts of demeaning, hurtful ways.  In my opinion, us conservatives are surrounded by idiocy, incompetency and socialists.  We conservatives must not become downtrodden and discouraged.  We must not waiver, we must not give it to the socialist movement that is afoot in this country today.  My advice is to keep writing your elected Representatives with each and every concern you have about the issues that concern you.  Keep writing as often as you can.  Don’t let up.  It’s the only way to have our voice heard and come election time, vote your conscience.

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