Our Superman?

Our Superman?

It is now the day after the “historic” day and President Obama has been sworn into the most powerful office in the land. In watching the festivities in DC, I was struck by the absolute orgy of adulation and adoration for the new President. It appeared to me that everyone there was sure that the “savior” has risen and he is going to save us all, from what I’m not sure, but he was for sure going to save us. Now, I pride myself on being informed and fairly knowledgeable on the political scene but everybody I saw on TV looked to be absolutely mindless and acting like nothing more than a robot. It appeared to me they were almost slobbering on each other. Since the inauguration, everywhere I turn, even at my workplace, I hear people bashing Bush. The problem with that is, virtually everyone was saying nothing more than the liberal talking points, of which anybody that really knows anything knows is wrong and basically lies. I hear this from some people that I would think would not say such things. Us conservatives in my workplace have had such inflammatory and incendiary language used on us such as Racist and Communist.  If I were to use that language, I would be severely reprimanded.  These people get away with it with no consequences.  When I hear people say that Bush lied about the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and why we went to war, my answer is just this. My first question to them would be; Where did you get this information? (Of course we all know this is a talking point from the liberal media.) Question #2, Have they forgotten that the Congress got the exact same Intel as the President did and Congress, after examining the information and debating the subject, voted to attack Iraq so as to preempt any WMD attack Sadam may attempt? Question 3, What level of security clearance to they have? Of course none of them have or probably never had a security clearance of any kind so all of the Libs are basically talking out their asses anyway. Question #4, How is it that there has not been any successful attacks on US soil since 911? They do not stop to think or much less realize that it is because of all of the measures that GW took immediately following the September 11th attack. Steps were taken and plans put into place and measures initiated that to this point, has successfully prevented or stopped any further attack on US soil. And quite simply, it is because of this fact that we here in the States are able to go about our business pretty much as normal. This in my opinion, is as simple as the old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. It is so obvious, so in their face, they fail to see it, let alone acknowledge the fact. Yes, in my experience they are that dense and brainwashed.

Now I am sure all we’re going to hear for some time to come is how President Obama is taking steps to effect change. Such as his Executive Order today ordering the closing of Gitmo in 1 year. He has halted all hearings of detainees and I am sure he is going to appease the ACLU and see to it that these murderers and thugs that were captured on the battlefield are given the same rights as an accused here in the USA. Now, for the record, that whole premise of giving these people these rights is not only wrong, it is repugnant and flies in the face of all reason. None of these people are neither legally nor morally eligible for these same considerations. Would someone explain to me how someone who plotted and/or murdered our soldiers and civilians in Iraq should be afforded these rights? This IS a war. Prisoners of War are not afforded the same rights as United States Citizens. At least up until now that is. It has already been proven that detainees that are released from Gitmo have resurfaced on the battlefield. Nobody should be surprised over that fact. If you were an enemy combatant and you were released, wouldn’t you continue your fight? I think you would. So Obama is going to make sure these people are afforded every avenue to return to their cause and continue the kill. So, through my little window on the situation, Obama’s first move was to initiate steps to weaken the United States and I’m afraid this is just the start. He is going to start his march down his list of reforms that everyone is going to have to embrace. The Democrat controlled House and Senate will see to that. His environmental goals are such that if implemented, will absolutely destroy what’s left of our industrial base and economy. In the guise of supporting emerging countries and controlling “Global Warming”, treaties, agreements and accords will be signed, ratified and rubber stamped that will effectively shut down the United States. The bulk of our remaining heavy industry will be moved to these emerging countries so their economy grows, while ours withers and dies. Not to mention the huge unemployment disaster that will ensue, this action will further weaken the security of the nation and make us vulnerable to the anti-American sentiment of non-friendly nations who want to take the US down. On 12 November 1998, Vice President Gore symbolically signed the Kyoto Protocol, however it was never ratified and remains as such to this day. Once this is ratified, it will be binding and the USA will be obligated to abide by it. This is such an agreement that will be used by Obama to “transform” the US into his vision. His vision, our nightmare. He espouses that he will make sure that his administration is “transparent”. I don’t know about you, but when someone keeps saying things like “Trust me”, it usually means we need to keep an especially close eye on them because they are up to something. So I recommend that no one trust this guy and look to be blindsided. Keep your guard up.

So to sum up, if the remaining Republicans don’t stand up to this administration and the rest of the Dems, this nation in my opinion is going to go through a transformation our Founding Fathers took great pains to avoid and prevent. We are a Democracy. Founded on the principals that all men are created equal and as such, have inalienable rights. The pursuit of life, liberty. Of reaping the benefits of your own hard work and not relying on the Government to provide for you. The right to private property and the right to protect ourselves. We were never to become a socialist nation which is where it looks like we’re headed now. I could go on and on………In conclusion, you Dems/Libs better enjoy yourselves now because what you are doing is going to hurt you too. So when your crying the blues in a year or two about the taxes, gas prices, carbon footprint crap, your budget woes and most importantly, you unemployment situation, don’t look to me for any sympathy. You did it to yourself and I hope your happy now. You made your decision, you made your bed, now shut up and live with it. I have to………….

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