Terrorist Attack?

Terrorist Attack?

In the event of the unthinkable happening and the terrorists are successful in attacking us here in the USA like they disparately want to, it is a good idea for every family to have an emergency contingency plan.  This plan would be implemented in the event that there is an event in your area that causes a large scale emergency that effects the area that you live and work in.  It is intended to give your family all the information they need to evacuate out of the effected area safely and then meet up again as a family unit someplace that is safe and outside of the effected area.  Your family, by having such a plan will give each member the best opportunity and chances of getting out of the area safely and then allowing everyone to regroup as a family so everyone has the best chances of surviving the attack.  I am making available an example of such a plan that I authored for my family.  Please feel free to use it as a “boiler plate” for your own plan.  Bear in mind this is just an example and is NOT all inclusive and should be tailored to your own situation and needs taking into consideration as many limiting factors (LIMFACs) that you think are pertinent to your situation and location.  I hope this is useful.

Click on this link;      family-contingency-plan1

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