Say Please and I'll talk

Say Please and I'll talk

Ok, let us not hurt their little feelings or heaven forbid, scare them while questioning these murderers and thugs.  These people are dedicated to their causes.  So I guess we are stuck with asking pretty please with sugar on it?  This guy is totally clueless.  There is no other way to get the needed information from these terrorists.  The ONLY thing they understand and will respond to is pain and fear.  Had we not used “Harsh” interrogation techniques, we would have not been able to have been so successful in or anti-terrorism efforts and been able to find out where the bad guys are both here in the states but in the theater of operation and the world at large.  We would have been attacked again here and we would not have been able to kill or capture the leaders of the these idiots.  It’s just that simple…….Click here to go to the story

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