According to what we are hearing now, ACORN is going to get $4.19 BILLION dollars for “neighborhood stabilization activities”.  To me this means, the Dems are setting the stage for the next election cycle and paying off Obama’s biggest supporter which happens to be an organization that promotes voter fraud and corruption.  The Dems are getting so confident in themselves that this is getting to the point of literally “In Your Face”  and they don’t care.  They think that average Americans are dumber than a post and will let them do anything they want because “The ‘Bama” has them all mesmerized………..Well, they may have the flat earth, can’t we all get along, drones buffaloed, but not me and the rest of us conservatives.  We need to keep writing our Reps and holding their feet to the fire.  If they do not obey their constituency, they must be voted out of office when their term is up.  There must be consequences for their action…..

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