Merriam-Webster Definition; Parse: Listen to the pronunciation of 1parse Pronunciation: \ˈpärs, chiefly British ˈpärz\ Function: verb Inflected Form(s): parsed; pars·ing Etymology: Latin pars orationis part of speech Date: circa 1553 transitive verb1 a: to resolve (as a sentence) into component parts of speech and describe them grammatically b: to describe grammatically by stating the part of speech and explaining the inflection and syntactical relationships.

To examine in a minute way : analyze critically

Listen to me !!

Listen to me !!

Listen up folks………Here’s what’s going on.    When is a politician lying?  When their lips are moving…….It’s an old adage but I think it strikes close to the mark.  Everyone needs to remember that when Obama opens his mouth to speak, he parses his words very closely thus making it necessary for us to “read between the lines” and understand what he is saying by understanding what he IS NOT saying.  He crafts his words carefully but if someone applies a little discernment and is discriminating in listening, the real message comes through loud and clear.  It is easy to understand him by just listening to what he doesn’t say.  Now to be fair, this is true with just about all politicians.  We must listen very closely to what they are (or aren’t saying) at all times.  Develop a discerning listening habit and try to fully understand what they are saying.  They rely on the American public not really understanding what they are saying thus leaving us mainly clueless.  It’s more important now that ever that we sit up and pay close attention to what our politicians are doing.  Don’t sit by and let them tell you how to think.  Be an independent thinker and never let anybody, including me, tell you how or what to think.  Be an engaged, informed citizen and take part in this still yet democracy before it’s too late.

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