It's good to be the King

It's good to be the King

Looks like ‘The Bama” and family is off having a little mini vacation already.  With these tough times and don’t forget we still have a little war going on, is this the proper and prudent thing to do?  I think he and his family are of a frame of mind that they are just reveling in and relishing the position they find themselves in.  Rather than put his nose to the grindstone and set about doing the peoples business, he is doing nothing but “lording” his position and taking advantage of all the perks they have.  In my opinion, this is not the actions of a dedicated President and is just another indicator of how bad he really is.  I think we will be seeing much much more of this type of behavior and how is he going to react if there is some sort of urgent action or decision needs to be made or heaven forbid, another national emergency? I have little confidence he will be up to the task.  I believe that he already relies too heavily on his so called advisers and it will only get worst.

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