We want your guns.....NOW!

We want your guns.....NOW!

I first addressed this subject back on November 29th, 2008 and it looks like it wasn’t going to be the last.  With today’s announcement by the Obama Administration of their intentions of re-instating the Assault Weapons Ban.  Below you will find the letter I sent to Congressman Brian Baird and Senators Murray and Cantwell.  Please feel free to plagiarize it and send it to them also.  As usual, I will post what replies I get back.  I expect the standard “canned” reply from Baird and a somewhat on topic reply from Cantwell and Murray.  We’ll see…….





My Letter;

As indicated by the recent ABC press release, the Obama Administration is speaking out on re-instating the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. The most recent reason given now is to help stop the flow of sophisticated weapons into Mexico. In my opinion, this one-dimensional purported reason for re-instituting the ban is not invalid and unacceptable as everyone is aware that if the Federal and/or State governments would or could enforce the on the books boarder laws, the so called flow of weapons into Mexico would be severely curtailed if not eliminated. It is the DUTY of the Federal Government to protect our boarders from all whom try and enter illegally. The Congress and Senate needs to concentrate on securing the boarders and not attack the Constitution and Law Abiding Citizens. It is clear that this is nothing more than another shameless backdoor assault on the 2nd Amendment and the Law Abiding Gun Owners of America. The Clinton era ban was allowed to sunset because it was very evident that that ban had little to no effect on crime. This latest endeavor into the Assault Weapons ban/2nd Amendment assault will meet with the same lack of success. Gun ownership in America crosses all political boarders and there are as many Democrat or Liberal gun owners as there are Republican or Conservatives, and I cannot begin to believe for a moment that this proposed ban is going to meet with many nods of approval with anyone, Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative. As the Supreme Court just reaffirmed on June 26, 2008, the 2nd Amendment and the right of citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, this amendment should no longer come under assault by people who I/we believe are motivated purely by their desire to take whatever steps it takes to disarm the law abiding citizenry of this country in the guise of making people safer. (Statistics show the opposite is in fact true) I also believe that the re-introduction of this ban is in direct contradiction to the dissenting opinions of Justices STEVENS, SOUTER, GINSBURG, and BREYER in the latest ruling as it pertains to individual sovereign States (under the 10th Amendment) Militia’s as this would restrict the possession of these weapons by each sovereign states law abiding citizens/militia. (Note: Washington State is currently in the process of submitting HJM 4009 – 2009-10, claiming state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment. I know I am not alone in this opinion and that is why organizations like the NRA and other 2nd Amendment watchdog groups are currently experiencing a huge increase in membership. A heavy toll was exacted on the Democrat party at the polls last time this issue was raised, and I believe the voter backlash at the polls on sitting Legislators who support this ban, if passed and brought to fruition, would be just as severe. In conclusion, I most strenuously urge a down vote on any legislation that would further restrict, set limits, or establishes any type of severe restrictions or ban, establishes any excessive fees that would create and constitute a negative incentive on the sale or purchase of the so called “assault weapons” by law abiding legal US citizens. I conversely urge an up vote on legislation that is crafted and introduced that will secure our boarders and ensure the safety of our citizenry especially in the boarder states. All measures should be taken that would aid and support all property owners who own boarder property who are in danger from armed illegal aliens who illegally trespass on their land/s.


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