The Democrat Ass

The Democrat Ass

I am getting sick and tired of the Libs using the terms “Democrat” and “Democratic” thinking they are the same. For the record…THEY ARE NOT SYNONYMOUS!! Just because your a member of the Democrat Party does not mean you are or belong to a Democratic Party. If anything, the Democrat Party now is just about as far as you could get from being Democratic. The Dems are all for big government that intrudes on every aspect of your life. That fact has never been so true as it is today. If “The ‘Bama” has his way, I expect us to all be under the totalitarian over-watch of the new Federal Government in ways we could scarcely imagine. Before he is done, the government will be dictating all manner of things, especially energy usage, that would never stand under a “Democratic” government. So, to all you Flat Earth, Tree Hugging, Can’t we all get along, I’m sticking my nose in your business, drones, I hope you are happy now. You and your ilk have managed to tear asunder in a few short months, what took hundreds of years to build, by the way, with the blood of hundreds of thousands of our Forefathers and Patriots. You have managed to marginalize, minimize and invalidate all of their sacrifices and deaths in their struggle to preserve and protect our hard earned Democracy. In my opinion, you are all treasonous. I was vilified for trying to tell all before the election what was going to happen, and damned if I not right. It is all going to come to pass. You traded our Democracy for “Change”. Now you and the rest of us are going to have to live with what you have done. Your so busy listening to CNN and their half truths, and lies by omissions, and other main stream media, you either cannot or will not bring yourself to see the real truth. You are not deserving of the liberties so many died for, for you…….Enjoy your “Change” You live up to the Democrat symbol, The Ass

Is this where we are headed?

Is this where we are headed?

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