I can’t believe that I feel like it is necessary to write about this subject but as I drive to and from work, I guess I need to.  The point is, I get rilled when I see all the foreign cars on the road when our own automakers are in so much trouble now.  Now I know that this is a complex problem that was in part caused by the car makers themselves.  Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that there is a need for labor unions, but not in a case where the automakers are at now.  If I remember my history correctly, the unions got into the automakers because of the labor abuses of the fledgling Ford Motor Company when it was relatively new.  The abuses were many and forced the workers to organize.  That was then, this is now.  These auto workers have now over the decades, leveraged themselves into a pretty sweet situation with their current labor contracts which by the way, with pay and benefits comes to over $70 per hour.  Now anybody can tell from that fact alone that this is just outta line.  This in turn caused the car makers to have to shave costs which resulted in the poorer quality cars coming off the assembly line compared to the imported makes.  This in turn caused buyers to turn to the imports for I think for two reasons.  Quality and price.  The import car makers were able to build a superior product because of lower labor costs, higher attention to quality and customer satisfaction.  Now here we are today.  All but one automaker (Ford) has gone to the Feds with hat in hand begging for a bailout/s.  Now I really don’t blame anybody for trying to get the biggest bang for their buck, but I feel now is the time to put country first and do what is right for America, not Japan, not Sweden, not Germany, not Italy, one and on and on.  Yea, the car may not be exactly what you want but I would wager that the “Big 3” will be putting out a substantially better product soon, as Ford is now, whom by the way, by not taking any Fed money, is in a prime position to take the road not going to be traveled by the Government run other 2 and do the real innovative, breakthrough work that needs to be done outside government intervention.  I know it is hard to put your hands on much of anything that is not stamped “Made in China” or “Made in Japan” or wherever else, but if we try, it will make a difference.  Just a thought…………

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