Universal Health Care Will Not Work

Universal Health Care Will Not Work

To those out there who don’t have a working knowledge of the military medical system, here it is…….Military Medical Care 101.  Most people would assume that all military people have medical services available at all military bases.  Well, that is only partially true.  TriCare was started back in 1995.  It essentially is a health insurance plan for active duty and retired military personnel and their family and spouses.  There are several “plans” and as a retiree, you have to pay for it.  It is affordable but there are problems with it.   1.  The TriCare reps that you have to talk to are not very good at their jobs.  Many mistakes and bad info being passed on constantly that causes the military persons much more work or worry or just plain hassle in getting anything done.  For example, I have had the same Dr. for 10 years and Tri-care has screwed up who my provider is 3 times.  2.  TriCare pays the same if not less than Medicare for services.  When we were forced to go to TriCare, most of the peole in my unit, had their primary caregivers drop them.  We were forced to find caregivers that would accept TriCare.  It  was a long and hard road.  My first provider, I knew I was in trouble when……..I was the only one in the waiting area that spoke english……….Needless to say, I didn’t stay there long.  I was working through a hypertension issue and found my way to a superb provider that accepts TriCare.  My wife has her own provider here in town that accepts TriCare and she recently had to have knee surgery.  The surgery cost was over 14K, but Tricare paid only a fraction of that.  This is what makes it difficult to find providers.  In dealing with TriCare on getting authorizations and dealing with billing issues is not fun.  In fact TriCare HAS and office of Congressional complaints.  That speaks for itself.  Now, how does this fit into the Universal Health Care issue?  It’s very simple.  The TriCare system is the same type of system that will be set up for everyone.  It works poorly for the relatively few military, how do you think it’s going to work with millions??  SIMPLY PUT…IT WON’T!

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