Is our President of Appeasement going to endanger us all?

Is our President of Appeasement going to endanger us all?

It sounding like “The ‘Bama” is going to shift strategies on the war on terrorism. It appears that he is going to undo much of the infrastructure that GW put in place after 911.  I was active duty in the military when 911 occurred and was in a position where I had quite a bit of insight as to how GW reacted to the attack.  Not only did GW take the war to the enemy, he put into place a system of intel gathering that allowed us here in the US go on about our lives without another successful attack.  Please pay attention to the verbiage here.  I said ” without another successful attack”.  That means that there has been many plots uncovered by our agents getting the good actionable intel on the bad guys and moving on it thus successfully thwarting another attack.  Since 911, the “flat earth drones” (Libs) as I like to call them have completely lost track of reality and really have no clue as to why we haven’t been attacked since that nightmarish September day.  They evidently think that the terrorists haven’t tried I guess..  It is that mindset that is going to get the US attacked again by making it easier for the bad guys to go about their planning and conspiring.  If we drop our defenses now, It is my opinion, that we will be facing the danger of another and quite possibly worst attack somewhere in the USA.  To some people, GW was the Devil incarnate.  He may have done some things wrong, but protecting this great nation was not one of them.  He faced this enemy head on and took the battle to them and did everything he could to protect the homeland.  In my opinion, he was a great President and we were fortunate to have him in office when we were attacked.  Our nation, in the hands of a lesser man and leader, would have been much much worst off.

In a related story, there may be a change in the “2 front” philosophy of fighting wars.  I believe that this will also embolden our age old nemesis such as China and Russia and cause them to take steps that may threaten the US and it’s Allies.  We as a nation must be strong in order to preserve our Nation and the American way.  This is no cliche, it is a founding principal in our form of government and national identity.  We must be able to answer all threats in a timely, effective manner at all times and I oppose any mindset that detracts from that.  Click HERE to go to the story.

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