This historic flag is assumed to mean you belong to a militia.....

This historic flag is assumed to mean you belong to a militia…..Huh?!?

A recent story caught my eye.  In it, something called a “Fusion Center” was mentioned.  In checking on this, it looks like an office set up by states that track and evaluate what they deem to be subversive or terrorist activities.  The linked story is one from Missouri that has made some unusual assumptions about people simply by their bumper stickers and other such legal items.  Check out the story.  It is chilling to think that many states are doing this and the feds are involved…..

UPDATE 100412

Well, I called this one huh?  I was afraid that this was going to happen simply because I believe that the people who designed, staffed and operate these centers, are for the most part out of control.  I am sure that there are a few good people working in these centers that truly believe that they are working at a noble task and genuinely think they are doing the right thing with the best of intentions, however, they are blind and cannot see the actual damage they are doing to this nation, democracy, and individual liberty.  With that being said, I also believe that there are forces inside this organization that has malevolent intentions and know what kind of damage they are doing and simply don’t care and are working at an agenda.  This new revelation in my opinion proves my concerns true.  These people seem to be gathering innocuous information on law-abiding citizens simply because they can and there is no accountability in this administration.  This whole organization needs to either go away or be severely cut back and reorganized into an entity that is accountable and monitored by people who make sure they abide by the Constitution/Bill of Rights……  Click HERE for the story….

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