Senator Patty Murray

Senator Patty Murray

Thank you for contacting me about climate change. It was good to hear from you.
Most scientists now agree that climate change is a real phenomenon, and that greenhouse emissions have contributed to climate change. As you may know, the Pacific Northwest stands to lose much from climate change, from increasingly severe storms, to rising sea levels, to negative impacts on forests, coasts, salmon and other natural habitats as well as, agricultural lands. These resources define Washington state’s quality of life and help sustain the state’s economy.
The scientific community is continuing to learn more about the effects of climate change on our nation’s environment, wildlife and people and it is clear to me that this is an issue that warrants greater attention. I believe by increasing research, using market-oriented strategies, and relying on new technologies, American ingenuity can find ways to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions without harming the economy.
Rest assured, should legislation regarding climate change come before the Senate during the 111th Congress I will certainly keep your thoughts in mind. If you would like to know more about my work in the Senate, please sign up for my weekly update at Once again, thank you for contacting me and please stay in touch.

I hope all is well in Vancouver.


Thank you for your most considered reply.  It sounds like you understand that carbon taxing is not an issue that should be pursued in the current political and economic climate.  It is apparent that you understand that the huge tax burden that this scheme would be on the average working American citizen would be extremely detrimental and harmful to not only each taxpayer but to the US economy as a whole. I thank you for your restraint on this most important issue, which like you stated, is in need of much much more definitive study and research.  I will post your considerate reply on my website for all my readers to examine.
SENATOR MURRAY RESPONSE TO MY REPLY; Thank you for your response to my letter about global warming. I appreciate the time you have taken to correspond with me.
In my position as a United States Senator, I benefit by hearing a wide spectrum of opinions expressed by the citizens of Washington State and our nation. I listen carefully to the views of my constituents as I study each issue and decide how to vote on legislation which comes before the Senate. On any issue, I value your thoughts and ideas.
As you know, Americans are looking to their representatives to work together on the important issues before us. I am confident we will succeed if we make a sincere effort to find common ground in our goals and priorities, and I want to assure you I am committed to doing so.
Again, I appreciate your feedback. I have made note of your concerns, and I will certainly keep them in mind. Please keep in touch.
I hope all is well in Vancouver.

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