The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement that effectively mandates that all industrialized nations reduce co2 and other gas emission’s.  Emerging nations are not subject to this accord and it severely restricts industrialized nations.  In a word, it’s a BAD thing.  The US is a signatory nation to the Kyoto Protocol but previous Administrations have recognized how horrifically it will effect the US.  Hence the Kyoto Protocol was never ratified by the Congress and Senate.  It now appears that the Obama administration is much more receptive to it in it’s new incarnate, The Copenhagen Accord  kyoto-copenhagen-documentation.  I have written our Legislators on the subject and outlined the ramifications if we sign on to this and include it here for your use and perusal.

On 29 March 2009, the United States will meet with other nations in Bonn Germany in the first of three such scheduled meeting to discuss and build the framework of a new global warming agreement to be known as the Copenhagen Accord. This document will take the place of the Kyoto Accord of which the United States, while a signatory nation to the agreement, was never ratified by Congress and Senate. In my review of the both accords, each one, if agreed to and enacted here in the Unites States, would have severe ramifications to our economy, way of life, AND our International standing on the world scene. As the public is now learning that the vast majority of the so called “global warming” science is seriously flawed, these “accords” have all the appearances of nothing more than a social engineering scheme designed to do nothing more that redistribute wealth from countries like the US to less developed nations. The adverse affects of this accord to the United States and other Annex I countries would be catastrophic in scope and magnitude as put forth in the UNFCCC Framework on Climate Change document dated 16 Mar 2009. The table located on page 6 clearly indicated that the UNFCCC recognizes what detrimental effects the implementation of this accord will have on industrialized countries such as the US. The table even goes as far to indicate that the action of “Cap and Trade” will result in the “international relocation of industry”, and I fail to see how the United States economy will benefit from that alone. The Obama Administration has indicated that the US supports the treaty if ” it can come up with an “effective framework” for dealing with global warming.” That verbiage is very disturbing as it sounds as though the President is more concerned about the “Global Warming” issue than ensuring the US economy is protected from the cascading type of failure this accord would have on the economy and thus guaranteeing a collapse of the American way of life so many men and women have died and sacrificed for to protect and preserve. It is your duty to protect and preserve the American way of life also. I urge you to work very hard to do every thing you can to ensure that the United States and its peoples are not compromised and made subservient to any foreign nation, organization or other such bodies that are attempting to marginalize the United States and its citizens. We are a nation that was founded under the notion that all men have certain inalienable rights and thusly a Representative form of government was created. As an Elected Representative of the State of Washington and the United States of America, your attention must be focused on the task of not taking any actions which directly or indirectly put into jeopardy your constituents status or way of life. It is my belief that these accords to just that. In closing, I urge you in the most strenuous terms to not vote in favor of any agreement, accord or treaty that will cause any type of harm to the already weakened US economy and the United States as a whole.

  1. #1 by Federal Farmer on 10/14/2009 - 11:15 am

    You might be interested on a comment I made recently on a posting. I discuss the matter of sovereignty and climate change.

    • #2 by conservativeamericanvet on 10/14/2009 - 5:51 pm

      I agree with most of what you have to say in your piece especially about getting fixated on issues that are “off center” from what we need to be paying real attention to. I have seen this tactic used with much success, I call it the ole’ “divide and conquer” ploy. You get everyone all wrapped around the axle on some side issue, while you merrily go about your business getting your real agenda achieved around the corner through the back door. This birth certificate issue may be one of the ploys currently being used to distract many people. However, with that being said, this issue has not been satisfactorily addressed. As it appears now, the liberal court system is covering for him on this and it appears that there is going to be a long protracted battle for the truth on this matter. The fact remains that he IS spending a lot of money, in the millions of dollars, to keep secret, specific, critical documents that would contain information on his background. It’s a simple fact that begs the simple question. Why? Until he releases these documents, the American Public, who has a right to know, under the Constitution of the United States, where he was actually born AND if he used aliases. His promise of transparency is a joke and his actions give me no indication he intends to change. He has his arm twisters in the form of Rahm Emanual, Axelrod and all the other soldiers on his staff to help him maintain his little secrets. Their rules of engagement are to obviously attack and discredit all who ask these tough, constitutionally mandated questions. We may never know the answers to these questions, at least not while he is in office simply because of Executive Privilege. Maybe sometime after he is gone, the truth may come out, and if that truth is the fact that the “Birthers” were right all along, how are you and the other nay Sayers going to feel? If it were me, I would feel pretty stupid for not listening and for being a cool-aid drinker. It is my opinion that Obama has a mission. And that mission is to completely destroy US sovereignty. He has already started the process by signing the US into several global economic agreements. He has done this at his various meeting with foreign nations since he took office and at the G20 meeting. If you or anyone else does not believe that, you’d better do your homework because you’re wrong. It is all documented in (PhD) Jerome Corsi’s book, “America for Sale”. It is my belief that this is not the first corrupt Administration we have ever had. I do say though that this may prove to be the most corrupt and most un-American. I have another question,…. have you ever heard of the Bilderberg meetings? If so then you’re probably aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding this group. Well, a lot of these theories seem to have some validity. I for one am not comfortable with anybody in a current or past Administration attending ANY meeting called by any “society” that keeps it’s agenda secret. Treasury Secretary, little Timmy Geithner attended that last one. How do you feel about that? Is this something that a “transparent” administration should be engaged in? I don’t think so. I can only pray that powers higher than me are watching, investigating and are keeping their “ear to the rail” so we can save America from this guy. Watergate may look like a picnic compared to what may be going on, out of view of the public…….

  2. #3 by Penny on 10/19/2009 - 8:58 pm

    I to have many of the same questions about Obama yet if we ask or question we are racist! I am sick of it.
    I was raised to look at the person not the color of their skin. I still believe that but I also questioned many things that Bush did and Clinton but I am not a racist when I ask questions about what they did. I do have to agree that things are going on that should not be and we will find out and it will come out. Keep reading and writing.

    • #4 by conservativeamericanvet on 10/20/2009 - 10:14 am

      I pray that people with a lot more resources than I, keep their ‘ear to the rail” and keep looking and investigating everything this administration does. I firmly believe that they are getting so cocky that they are going to trip up, in a big way and someone will nail ’em…..
      I will never give up because I cannot sit by and watch our democracy being destroyed. Otherwise I would be part of the problem…..

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