To Preserve and Protect...

To Preserve and Protect...

Hold the phone here!! What do I mean by asking how we can protect and preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights when the Congress, Senate and Supreme Court is supposed to be doing that? And WHY am I asking that question? Well, the reason I think this is an issue is because every time we turn around any more, the Federal Government has gone and passed some law that is plainly unconstitutional thus illegal. All Congress and Senate persons have taken an oath of office stating that they will in fact preserve and protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Simply put, they are not doing that in any way shape or form…….I think it is about time a separate office is created for just that purpose, especially now that it looks like even the Supreme Court has become politicized and has demonstrated that it as a body is unwilling to ensure the sanctity of those cornerstone, founding documents and tenets. This new oversight body must not be political in makeup, character or charter. All bills, rules, laws and even Presidential Executive Orders must be reviewed by this office and must pass muster in order to be allowed to continue or be placed into law. If all those who now are entrusted with this stewardship would be doing their job, this office would not be required………………..I know this is a rough idea, food for thought……………..

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