Opps, sorry, I'm looking for something on the floor......

Does anybody out there really understand how this is being interpreted by the radical Muslim’s?  In their tiny, myopic,  narrow minded, limited little minds, it is a affirmation of their cause and emboldens them to no end because The President of the United States was FORCED to bow to the Muslim world and is now subservient to them……….What is Obama thinking?  The White House says it was not a bow……I’m sorry, I know a bow when I see it and the WH is bold face lying to put a positive spin on this.  It is outrageous!  Obama is so inept that he really doesn’t have a clue as to the ramifications of ALL his actions, or…………he does and in that case people had better start paying attention real quick because the things are going to get serious sooner than they think.  His entire trip of meeting and greeting the various heads of state around the world was nothing more than one gaff after another.   Michelle putting her hands on the Queen of England??!!!  What the hell is up with that?  I lived there for a few years and that is just not done!  The Queen is to be NEVER touched.  She is royalty and as a matter of protocol is forbidden.  Who the hell does The 1st Lady think she is?  She is not anywhere close to being on a parity with the Queen and was completely out of line.  I made the prediction months ago that we would be seeing gaff after gaff from these people and it looks like I am right………He is making us all look bad…..

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