Do you believe me?

Do you believe me?

In an effort to be fair, I feel I must post this article because it is the FIRST reasonable, right thing I have heard come out of the Obama Administration.  That is….If she is being sincere. As she states, there are already plenty of gun laws on the books now that are appropriate to use in the case of weapons being moved over the boarder to Mexico.  The Feds need to go after the people that are breaking these laws allowing any weapons to be sold to persons that will be taking them over the boarder.  ALL gun buyers are supposed to be run through the data base with a VALID SSAN number.  Anyone violating this law when purchasing a gun through a dealer at a retail store or gun show needs to be caught and prosecuted.   Like I say, IF she is being sincere…………

However, in another report on the vets right-wing extremist issue, she is still struggling to explain herself.  Her explanations in my opinion still fall far short of the mark and is still ringing very hollow.  Click HERE for the story..

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