Career Polititians are taking control violating the Declaration of Independence

Career Politicians are taking control violating the Declaration of Independence

I have been saying for quite a while now, our civil rights are under direct attack by the Liberal Democrats and if we do not stand up and use them, they WILL BE GONE. There are too many people out there with their head buried in the sand either not paying attention, or just in denial about the situation. Our founding documents (Declaration of Independence) guarantees that the citizens of the United States are endowed with certain “Inalienable” rights and that government gets their power from the CONSENT of the governed (us). If people don’t start paying attention and I mean right now, it will be too late. In my opinion, the CAREER politicians are taking over. AND if they get their way on the global warming issue, like stated here and here, we will be the cleanest 3rd world country on the planet.  You MUST begin to take part in this government and write your elected Representatives and tell them your concerns and wishes. Join or provide monetary support for the many good conservative organizations out there such as the National Rifle Association. As I do, you need to talk to as many people as you can and convince them to get engaged in this political battle. Get educated on the issues and take on the Liberals and tell them what the truth of the matter really is every chance you can. Granted, you may be restricted at work like I am, but when I am not “on the clock” I do all I can to get people educated and talking and writing. That is the purpose of this page. Use it please and pass it on…

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