I hope you don't have an urgent need for care, you won't get it...

I hope you don't have an urgent need for care, you won't get it...

The Dems are going to literally RAM nationalized healthcare down our throats as a present to President Obama on his (Hallmark) 100 day Anniversary.  I have written another letter to all my Representatives expressing my opinion on the matter.  I include it below.  Feel free to copy and paste, modify, use as you see fit for your reps.

It has become known that the Democrat majority controlled House and Senate is going to use a Constitution process called “reconciliation” in order to ram this health care budget through both houses with no more that 35 hours of debate and a simple majority vote (50+1) for passage. We voting constituents understand that this is nothing more than an intentional “end run” on the Republican minority so they cannot filibuster and stall this bill for debate. That act, although constitutional, in my opinion is nothing more than an underhanded (partisan) back-door dirty trick tactic to pass this bill in time for the Obama Administrations 100 day (Hallmark) Anniversary. It is my understanding that this provision was written in such a manner with verbiage indicating that this was to be used only in instances concerning the budget that must be passed due to expediency requirements and not the creation of a federal entitlement program. But the use of this provision in this case violates the original spirit and intent of this proviso. That alone is in my opinion despicable and underhanded. The passage of this bill covers approx 17% of the entire US economy and your unrelenting push to nationalize health care will be a huge mistake. Simply put, the United States Government cannot even run the Post Office successfully and there is absolutely no way “Universal Health care” will be any different. It is patently a bad idea and will not in any way make health care any better. In fact all research shows that it will be much worst as demonstrated by our northern neighbor Canada and our other far flung friend, the UK. A literal “handful” of people are forcing this issue and that to me smacks of partisan politics on a huge scale. I really don’t think you realize what long lasting irreparable damage you are doing to the Democrat Party. By constantly ignoring the wishes of your Constituents, and passing all this damaging legislation, from TARP bailout, your push to raise taxes and buy into the “Global Warming” myth and institute “carbon taxing”, the continued encroachment on the 2nd Amendment, AIG bailout, the all too obvious push to socialism, the constant denial of the APPROVED water-boarding or so called “Torture” of captured terrorists, the remorseless demonization of the Bush Administration, and your deafening silence on the recent DHS report identifying military people/Vets as “Right-Wing Extremists” and your relentless push to change my military medical (Tri-Care) and reduce coverage but charge me more, you are alienating us/me and souring us/me on the Democrat Party as a whole. You have proved to us that spending and quite possible you are out of control and you are ignoring us demonstrating little if any regard for your constituent’s wishes. Now, you may read this and think that I am off base in my comments and thusly, I am to be disregarded. You need to know that unless you reverse your course, you will not be getting any support from me come your next election cycle and I will be working very hard for whomever runs against you for your seat. I will be posting this letter, and your reply on my web site for all my readers to examine and digest.

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