Air Force 1.

Air Force 1.

After hearing many stories about how and why this incident occurred, I have a few observations. As a retired Air Force Security Cop, who also worked in the Operations Group, I know what it takes logistically to get this bird in the air. Many people are involved and there are many levels of approval that must be met. Especially for this particular aircraft. After hearing that this was just a photo op and then hearing that it was to be kept secret from not only the public but the local city officials, I began to wonder. Not about the sheer stupidity of the stunt, but about the so called need for secrecy on this. Why would you want to keep a simple photo op for Air Force 1 secret? I would imagine that this would be something that the public would actually want to see for themselves. Maybe even get a few pics of their own… So with that being said, again, why the secrecy? Out of all things in this incident, this one aspect alone causes me more concern than anything. If they are trying to keep something as mundane as this secret, what else are they trying to hide and is there something more nefarious going on?…………Hmmmmm.

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