HR 1966 – CYBER BULLYING (Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act)



This HR was introduced on April 2, 2009.  On the surface, it looks like this Bill would go a long way to stop the recent trend in what is called “cyberbullying”.  However, in reading the Bill, especially section 3, section 881, the language used is pretty broad and could be used to prosecute all sorts of people to include me those like me, who have a dissenting opinion on things and hurt other peoples feelings…….whhhhhaaaaaaaaa, whhhhaaaaaaaaa.  Well, that just isn’t going to fly.  Where are the parents in all of this and why aren’t they taking an active role in curbing their kids bad behavior?  Below is a copy of the letters I sent to my Reps.  I urge you to read the HR and do the same before it’s too late.  Click HERE and HERE for the news articles

My Letter:

In reading this HR, I find that the language used in section 881 very broad and encompasses a wide variety of protected speech under the 1st Amendment.  While “cyber bullying” as the term in used in this HR is without a doubt, a very real and destructive type of behavior some youths or adolescence have engaged in.  However, the language used in defining “cyber bullying” could be used to gag anyone who publishes any type of information that “someone” or “organization” may consider offensive.  As free speech is a cornerstone of our Democracy, the passage of this HR in it’s current form would open the doors to all kinds of abuses of the 1st Amendment under the guise of enforcement against “cyber bullying”.  I believe there are many over zealot liberal Democrats in the House and Senate who would use this HR as a tool to muzzle any opposing or dissenting voices.  In closing, I urge you to not support this HR in it’s current form as there are laws on the books now that protect people from slander and defamation and these are the laws that must be used to curb the “cyber bullying” trend that has apparently spawned this terribly flawed HR.

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