HR 2159 Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009

I will not stop trying to get you or your guns......

I will not stop trying to get you or your guns......



In reading this HR, it is blatantly apparent that this is nothing more that a left-wing extremist attempt at restricting all law abiding citizens rights to gun purchases and transfers.  As I have posted earlier, the Department of Homeland Security has provided Holder with the tools he would need to get his agenda moving.  Below is the letter I sent to my Reps.  I urge you to do the same as soon as possible (ASAP).

Click HERE to go to an in-depth story on this HR and how bad it really is.

My Letter:

HR 2159 Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009

In reading this HR, it is easily determined that passage of this HR would grant the Attorney General broad sweeping and I might add, overreaching powers regarding firearms sales and transfers. This HR, thinly guised as a law that would protect the citizenry from terrorists, is simply nothing more than another attempted “end-run” on the 2nd Amendment and the law-abiding citizens of this nation. The Attorney Generals powers as outlined, and using the latest “Right-Wing Extremist” data from DHS, would conveniently provide him with all the legal basis needed for his decision making process in determining if there is enough “suspicion” in order to deny or prosecute law abiding citizens. There are laws already in place that should be enforced in order to achieve the goal of this contemptible and scheming HR. This HR should not be supported in any way and I urge a down vote. We law abiding citizens are watching our Elected Officials voting record very closely and your vote on this issue will directly effect my vote at the polls.

This so infuriated me that a Republican introduced this HR, I wrote a letter to the Chairman of the RNC.  Here it is.  Feel free to copy, paste and do the same.  His address is

I am flabbergasted that a Republican would put forth a gun control bill such as HR 2159.  It is an obvious attempt to again punish the law abiding citizens of this nation who are looking to you for help in turning back the socialist-liberal agenda that has overtaken the nation.  For Rep. King to introduce this HR that would help Eric Holder fulfill his agenda or mandate is unconscionable.  By using the latest DHS publications that effectively “pigeonhole” every law abiding citizen into some sort of extremist group, passage of this bill will provide the means to the end of our 2nd Amendment rights.  I urge the GOP to take whatever measures necessary to convey to Rep. King that this HR is completely unacceptable and is not in any way shape or form, consistent with the GOP message and goals.  He WILL push people away from the GOP if this conduct is allowed to continue.
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