I quit because Prejean has alligned herself with hate groups

I quit because Prejean has alligned herself with hate groups

I swore to myself that I would not touch this subject because the “fluff” factor is so big. But in reading this article I feel I must comment on what I feel is the acute failings of the liberals. So, Shanna Moakler a former Miss USA and Co-Executive Director resigned because Miss California, Carrie Prejean would not take responsibility for anything she said………WHAT!!!?????? I simply do not understand that statement at all. Take responsibility for what? That she has traditional conservative views and stated her honest opinion on a question posed to her from a person who has an obvious agenda? She has come under attack from all the Libs for being in favor of traditional marriage and being strong enough to voice her opinion on national TV. Even though she said that she respected others opinions on that, SHE has come under vicious attack from these people. Now this bubble headed Moaker has said that Prejean has aligned herself with “hate groups”. This is a normal tactic that the Libs use to put people or groups on the defensive. The people with morals in this country are regarded as haters? Why? Because we don’t believe in homosexuality but we know that God teaches us to hate the sin but love the sinner? Because we don’t believe in killing innocent babies simply because a baby is an inconvenience? Because we believe in God and his lessons and teachings? Because we believe big government is not healthy for the country? Because we believe man was born with certain inalienable rights? Because we believe in the right for each individual to have the right for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without governmental intrusion? Because we believe in the right to private property? Because we believe in the right to free speech? Because we believe in the founding documents that our forefathers wrote to protect us from an oppressive government? Because we believe in the 2nd Amendment? Whether the Libs want to accept it or not, this country was founded under Christian principals and that is that. The Libs obviously want the US to be the only country that does not identify with any religion. Well, that’s just not going to happen. Get over it! I will no longer sit by and be slandered and called a hate monger because of my conservative beliefs. The Left uses incendiary language to marginalize the right, so, I think we need to do the same and back it up with facts. That won’t be too hard to do. So if you’re a Lib and want to use that kind of language on me, you’d better be ready for one hell of a rebuttal. Hang on to your butt because your going to go for a ride. You Libs need to crawl back into the hole you came from and not come back out until you literally see the light of day. You are all seriously flawed in your thought process and have no real idea on what your talking about. All you want to do is be popular and feel a part of something. That’s you sole motivation. You have no real concept as to what the ramifications are to your actions. This “can’t we all get along” attitude is bull and YOU’RE the mean, hate filled people that needs to be shut up. And oh, by the way, as we fight to save our rights, we fight for your rights too. Or would you rather not have us save yours too? It’s just that simple. Why!? Because A Conservative American Vet” said so that’s why!

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