We will make the regulations that will destroy American Institutions and the American way of life.  Ha Ha Ha,  We win!

We will make the regulations that will destroy American Institutions and the American way of life. Ha Ha Ha, We win!



The Obama Administration is taking the heat off the Dems in the House and Senate by pushing his environmental agenda by means of new regulations set by the EPA and the Transportation Department’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This totally side-steps public involvement and effectively stops the argument over the issue. All the work we put into writing our Representatives was for naught. “The ‘Bama” has taken out of our hands and is now poised to force us all to bow to his wishes and be subservient to all the new regulations that are going to come at us. I predict that a whole new slew of taxes are coming on both the Federal and State levels. Mark my words, the States Legislators are going to use these new regulations to levy more licensing fees (taxes) on vehicles they categorize as not fuel-efficient and are in their opinion polluting the air. As taxpayers we are screwed. I for one will be writing to my State Officials on this issue and telling them that any new licensing or any type of vehicle fees predicated on mileage or pollution benchmarks will not be tolerated. Click the pics for pertinent stories.. The one about Germany is really telling…….

My letter to my State Reps:

It has been learned today that the Obama Administration is going to enact and move forward his carbon taxing, cap and trade scheme by regulatory means rather than legislative.  By doing so he has taken the taxpayer out of the equation and has silenced our voice on the matter.  The EPA will now be crafting regulation, if they haven’t been mandated a long tome ago to do so, that will have profound effects on our economy.  All of which will be disastrous, as it will require the levying of more draconian taxes on the American Taxpayer at time when we are already having a hard time making ends-meet.  Now I wish to advise you that this situation should not be looked upon as an opportunity to use the citizens of this state as a “cash-cow” and Carpe diem (Seize the Moment) and see this as an opportunity to raise additional revenues via new vehicle licensing, inspection and DEQ testing fees.  If the State Legislature sees us as nothing more that the aforementioned “cash-cow”, we cattle will remember that at the polls and then you too will be just one of us taxpayers.  Although we hopefully will still have a job, but you, having been voted out of office, will be looking for a new endeavor.

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