Interstate commerce???

Interstate commerce???

In reading this bill, it becomes apparent that it too is seriously flawed rand must not be allowed to pass into law.  Click the pic and read the HR and determine for yourself what this is all about.

My letter to my Reps;

In reading the text of this HR, I am at a loss at to its true legitimate intention. As there are many hate crime laws on the books now, I don’t see how this HR will further protect victims of these types of crimes. It is noted in Sec 2 (4) that the Interstate Commerce clause is invoked. That alone raises questions as to the true intentions as this “catch-all” clause can be used to push the legitimacy of any HR, Bill or Resolution that may be weak in legal basis or Constitutionality. With that being said, I urge a down vote on this HR as it is in my view redundant and Constitutionally vague.

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