Don't cross me on this

Don't cross me on this

I just sat here and listened to “The ‘Bama” speak to the bankruptcy filing oF GM and what the government is going to do.  I was only half listening until he came to the part of his speech where he spoke directly to the GM workers who have or are going to loose their jobs.  He said that as tough as it is, they were called to make that sacrifice so our future generations could grow up in a United States that still “makes things”.  He was stating that their country called on them to do their duty and sacrifice their jobs for the betterment of all, in so many words.  Now this is stuff right out of Marx.  I cannot imagine any other President even contemplating saying anything even close to what he just did……….Hmmmm

  1. #1 by Dean on 06/03/2009 - 7:12 pm

    Not only was the American people screwed on this whole deal but the GM workers just got screwed! Notice I said WORKERS, the union made out like bandits in nobama’s pocket.
    I was thinking about this on my way home from work today driving my FORD. Think about it, how hard is it for an American company, any company to be successful today. It’s tough! Now try running your business with a big government monkey on your back.

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