I am posting this e-mail I just got from Senator Murray.  I believe I told her in no uncertain terms that the universal health care proposal is unacceptable and not to push it forward.  Looks like she really listens to her constituents huh?  She will not be getting my vote.  Her term ends in 2010.  All Washitonians who believe that she is not representing them, need to put her on the unemployment line come next election.  I know I will…..

HEALTH CARE: The Rallying Cry for Quality, Affordable Care is Loud and Clear

090530-healthcare.jpgLast Friday, I spoke at a rally in Pratt Park in Seattle to discuss moving forward with health care reform in Congress that will help ensure that all Americans have access to quality and affordable coverage. I told the crowd that health care should be a right for all Americans and not a privilege for some.

Later in the week, I joined with Washington state small business owners whoSpeaking to Small Business Owners About Health Care are currently working to provide their employees with health care coverage but are struggling because of the skyrocketing cost of care. I discussed with them how health care reform efforts will help lower health care costs and ease the economic burden that is currently being placed on them.



I received your “splat” e-mail today outlining your efforts on the universal health-care issue.  I guess I need to re-iterate AGAIN.  This is a bad concept in its totality and should not be supported in any way as I already previously informed you.  This is a “hot-button” issue and will ruin the US Health-Care system, and if you persist in supporting this ill-conceived plan, you will be forfeiting my vote for you this next election cycle in 2010.

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