DA, NYET, err, ahh, NEVERMIND......

Here is my latest letter to my Reps on this subject.  I urge all to do the same and hold their feet to the fire on this issue.  It’s important!!  Click HERE for more info


As a concerned citizen and constituent, I am very concerned about the appointment of these so-called Czars by President Obama.  As it is known that these people have far-reaching authority and answer only to the President I am confused as to the Constitutionality.  As the United States was founded as a Republic with Representatives being elected from each State, I would like to know how you feel about these people having authority beyond the scope of the Constitution, that is even above your authority as an Elected Representative of the people?  These people have no Constitutional authority and I am at a loss as to why you are not standing up and pointing this fact out and raising the red flag over this?  I as YOUR Constituent, demand to know where these people gain this unprecedented, extensive authority, to make and enforce public policy and law?

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