This is soooooo relavant today......

This is soooooo relevant today......

This old Warner Brothers cartoon really tugs at my heart.  I remember it as a child and it stirred me then.  To all of the “younger generation” who may not have seen this, it speaks volumes and should not be shrugged off as just a cartoon or anything else.  It speaks directly to WHY we must preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and our Democracy. In my opinion, if you don’t “get it” after seeing this you are one of two things….1. A total lost cause without enough sense to understand, grasp or appreciate our form of government and our country, or 2.  You are a Socialist/Marxist (known today as “Liberals”) who is working towards the downfall of the United States.  Plain and simple.  I urge you all to take another look at this as it is as relevant today, even more so, than when it was produced, obviously before 1954 when the phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance, “Under God” was officially adopted.

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