Thou shalt not pay homage or rememberance to these victims....The day shall not be remembered.....

Thou shalt not pay homage or remembrance to these victims....The day shall not be remembered.....

It is now being learned that “The ‘Bama” has signed into law, a new law that establishes every 9/11 as “National Day of Service”.  This act came out of the blue and is a direct insult to this nation and to all who lost loved ones and friends in this horrible, despicable act. This was my generations Pearl Harbor and Obama intends to rob all of us of the annual honors and remembrances that are due to these victims every year.  He is now overtly taking all steps to re-make the United States into his own image and agenda by perpetrating this unbelievable act of slander and disrespect.  This is so unacceptable, I am speechless.  Click the pic for the details.  It makes me sick to my stomach……


The Dems are trying to turn this hallowed day into a “lets all feel warm and fuzzy” day.   Click HERE for the story.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 11/22/2010 - 6:06 pm

    We are quickly coming up on a ten year commemorative day of observance of the 9-11 tragedy and all of those that were effected by it. Note: It is not an Anniversary and should not be labeled as one. We know there are plenty of conspiracy theories out there but this video seems to be more than just a bunch of fluff that amounts to nothing (watch at your own discretion) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO1ps1mzU8o&feature=player_embedded and there are a lot more videos that show it was not just a couple of jets that did this. Obviously after other attempts to destroy the Twin Towers the people that were paid to watch out for more attempts were not doing their job. This kind of stuff makes me feel like all the hype on how the United States is such a Super Power and we have such a great Military Defense and Homeland Security, also the CIA and FBI are supposedly so capable, it would appear that some of these people are asleep OTJ and we are no safer than any other Third World Country. I mean just how can the Chinese get 300 miles off the west coast of America and launch an un-armed missile that in all reality could just as well have been armed with a nuclear war head and aimed east instead of west? I’ll tell ya how. The same way as how Japan invaded Pearl Harbor, that’s how. They just waltzed right in and created havoc just like the Twin Towers except for the Twin Towers there was a lot more preparation at their leisure throughout the entire building and this would include building 7 where our infamous FBI had its offices. Anyone that believes that was not a missile from a Chinese submarine is a fool. Everyone is still too Politically Correct and the Patriot Act should not have been needed to protect us. Any threat, suspicious people or events that would compromise the security of America needs to be harshly dealt with. Oh, one more thing. I really disagree with is our Muslim President when he said the American people over reacted on the 9-11 attack. As a matter of fact, I disagree with everything Obama is doing. In all reality, he is that big open void under a donkey’s tail and he needs to stop disrespecting other World leaders, stop apologizing for the U.S. and the next time he bows down to someone, somebody needs to give him a swift kick in the rear end. Then kick him out of the White House, as he poses a threat to America.

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