Do these people listen to you?  Mine don't...........  We need to change that!

Do these people listen to you? Mine don't........... We need to change that!

In looking at this “cast of players” who are not in favor of health care reform WITH the public option, I see none of my Representatives or Senators on this list. I do see 1 though. Congressman James McDermott, 7th District, Wa State who says no. On the other hand, all of my Representatives are conspicuous by their absence on this list. Congressman Brian Baird, Senators Murray and Cantwell are all apparently walking in “lock-step wit the rest of the socialist/Marxist who are trying to take over this country and transform it into something that it was never supposed to be. We would not be having these conversations if our Reps would do their jobs by living up to their oaths by protecting the Constitution and listening and abiding by their constituency. In my opinion, and my observation, MY Reps, as I believe the rest also, have placed themselves up on such an, what they think is untouchable, ivory tower, that they have completely lost touch with reality and are really not in touch with their constituents or for that matter, the rest of the people in this nation. I firmly believe that they think we are here to serve them, and we all know it is supposed to be just the opposite. We have the opportunity to show them in no uncertain terms who really is the Boss come each and every one of them next election. Whether it is in 2010 or 2012, these “non-hacker”, un-American, socialist/Marxist must be defeated at the polls. I for one will work tirelessly for any conservative who runs for their seat in the House or Senate. I am sick and tired of having to look over these peoples shoulder to make sure they are doing their job according to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. Click the pic for the information.

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