Once again I felt it nesessary to write to my Reps because I think that “Barry”, “The ‘Bama”, is going to sell us down the river when he attends the G20 and he signs us into the Copenhagen Treaty.

Here is my letter;

Once again, I feel compelled to write to you regarding the upcoming “climate-change” conferences scheduled in the near future. I have written you several times regarding this issue but I feel I must remind you of my concerns over your rush to enact global warming legislation in the form of the current “Cap and Trade/Tax” plan plus the possibility and likelihood of President Obama signing the US into the reworked Kyoto Treaty now know as the Copenhagen Treaty. I will be succinct here. If he does sign the US into this treaty, I urge you and the rest of the House and Senate to not ratify as before in the Kyoto protocol. It is my belief that in being a signatory in this treaty, the US will in fact loose a great measure of sovereignty and our way of live as envisioned by our forefathers and enjoyed by us today. We will be directly threatened and we as a nation will be forced to bow to the wishes of foreign powers that do not have our best interests at heart and wish to see the US falter and fall. It is your job to protect the country from that threat as you took an oath to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States. I also wish to remind you that your constituents are aware that this global warming scheme is nothing more than a huge fraud. Thousands of scientists have come forward and rebuked the so-called “main stream” global warming data that indicated that the earth was warming due to man made greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide. This is patently ludicrous and absurd. In researching this topic, me, along with anybody else who wants to know the truth have found out that it is a well-known fact that we are in a somewhat unusual sun spot cycle that is the real cause for most if not all the warming. Did you know Mars atmosphere is warming too? Did we cause that too? I think not. This plan is nothing more than a scheme allowing some up and coming “green companies”, to include one formed by Al Gore, to make a lot of money while taxing the citizenry to death. By the way, why are we sending millions or billions of dollars overseas to help other countries develop their drilling or secure their operations, when you will not allow drilling domestically here in the US and off shore when it is clearly the right thing to do? When will you truly put the nation before the PAC money? We constituents want to know. As I stated earlier, we know the larger truth of this matter and we will not stand for this type of “business as usual” back door politics from you that will ultimately have such a huge adverse effect on us, and by the way, you too, unless you’ve come up with some way to make yourself immune to these taxes. We will not stand by and allow you to pay off some big companies and cronies while your vote has taken our money and given it to someone, some country or some company. If you do not listen to us now, you will listen to us at the polls. We are watching your votes and we will make sure you hear us. Do you really think that with the economy in the tank, and with your plan on taxing us on healthcare and breaking the healthcare system to boot, this additional burden of this cap and trade scheme is really a good idea for the country? Do you really think that all of this is going to help the United States remain the number one country and economy on the planet? Oh wait, aren’t we the number two economy already?? Do you really think that the citizenry is going to continue to thrive and continue to be the world leader in standard of living and productivity? If you answer yes to this question, either your delusional, you know something you have not disclosed to us, or, you know that these actions will in fact destroy the US economy and you in fact want to do that. Which is it? These are the only three possibilities. I require a reply and I don’t want to hear the normal rhetoric that you have sent me in the past. Do not insult my intelligence. Never forget the fact, YOU WORK FOR US, WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU.

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