At the tender young age of 55, I am struck by all of the miraculous things I have been blessed by witnessing in my life so far. When I was born on 1954, granted I was just a baby and do not remember the notable “happenings” of that year, but to name a few, A 15 mega-ton Hydrogen Bomb was exploded at Bikini Atoll, Play Doh is invented, maiden flight of Boeing 707, just to name a few. Since then, so many wondrous things have happened in so many areas. From the nothing short of miraculous advances in medicine, civil engineering and communications, to the ever-astounding advancements in space exploration, my generation has reaped the benefits of those advancements, simply because of capitalism. As our economy has grown and flourished, the principle of “supply and demand” has been the overriding force that had molded our economy and necessitated the types of products that are produced and marketed. That system is what has propelled the United States into being the leader in world economics. (However, I now hear we are #2) Now I am not saying that some aspects of our capitalistic system could be better. For example, the “Tree-huggers” all complain about the amount of plastics and other materials that ends up in landfills. I agree with that, however, who’s really at fault? I believe it is the manufactures because, as a consumer, I can only buy what is made available to me and made easy to re-cycle. There aren’t many choices available on packaging when buying products today. The product comes in whatever packaging the manufacturer chooses and that is that. No choices. So, is it the consumer’s fault that this stuff gets in the landfill when plastic is the only packaging that is offered? In a word.., no. We can only use what is made available. Who’s in charge of regulating this type of stuff? The Feds? It would appear so, but they have not stepped in and stipulated packaging rules. They want to regulate everything else, why not this? Could it be that “green” packaging is too expensive? Good question, but now, according the liberals, we are faced with a global climate change catastrophe that must be addressed NOW!! This is something I will come back to later in this piece……

To digress a bit, I find myself now, for the first time in my life, and unbelievably so, afraid of my government. I never thought in my wildest dreams that we as a nation would be facing the challenges we do today with the, what I call “Rouge Democrat Party” in charge. The Democrat Party has made a practice of using minorities as a “human shield” to push its socialist agenda and as a tool to attack those who oppose their agenda. In their view, you are a racist and mean spirited and they use such incendiary language in attempts to shut down the opposition. I for one, am sick and tired of this dirty, deceitful conduct, and if I was a Democrat with a brain, I would be ashamed to be a member of a party that insists on keeping me “victim” dependent on the system for my subsistence. This very act alone, robs not only the individual of their true potential, but the American Society as a whole is robbed because these people are stifled and held back simply for political purposes. When people are demonized AND prosecuted for voicing an opinion, and their first amendment rights are violated, it is truly scary times.

We have a Speaker of the House who uses terms like “trigger” when talking about government takeovers, when her “hair-trigger” personality is what we really need to watch out for because of her overzealous eagerness to gain power and make the citizenry subservient to the government. With that being said, a day doesn’t go by that I am more shocked and frightened at the level of malevolence that comes out of Washington DC every day. It is being reported that the White House is engaging in illegal, unconstitutional conduct almost daily. Everything from “gagging” its political foes, to outright meddling, in affairs in which the White House has neither authority nor constitutional mandate. The “appointment” of these so-called “Czars” that have more authority that the House and Senate is so unconstitutional I can’t get my head around it. Our Elected Officials seemingly have turned against the people and are intent on turning democracy on its head and turn this country into a socialistic nation where the people serve the government, which is the exact opposite of how this government is supposed to work. Every day new evidence is emerging that indicates that what I call “enemies of the State and Constitution”, have been at work for a very long time formulating and executing their takeover plan. It appears these enemies have been hiding, scheming and executing their plans, bit by bit, little by little, to where, before you know it, a huge piece of their plan is in place. This is what apparently has been happening. These enemies of the State have been taking money from all sorts of Political Action Committees that have a socialistic agenda that the Politicians are allowing these groups to formulate and craft governmental policy and these “enemies” are promoting it. We have politicians that call their constituents all sorts of slanderous names simply because they stand up and make their voices heard. This is simply because these Representatives have lost touch of their responsibilities to their constituents and have gotten the notion that they in fact are not accountable to anyone anymore. This is especially true with the career politicians we currently have now. In my opinion, the poster child for these “fat-cat” career politicians is Barney Frank. This guy just oozes conceit, arrogance, snobbery and malevolence. He epitomizes the picture of the career politician who has been feeding at the trough WAY too long. In my opinion, he is simply obscene in appearance and behavior. This level of “pigotry” as I call it, is pervasive throughout the government with so many people feeding at the taxpayer’s trough. Which brings me back to the climate change issue that these very same politicians are trying to force down our throats….

These “green, tree-hugging” environmental groups have persuaded all these politicians from not only the United States, but from all over the world to literally, “buy-in” to their agenda. This really took hold when the politicians realized a couple of things. One, they can make a lot of money off it, and two, they can control the people this way. This is the crux of the matter, plain and simple. It is no coincidence that politicians such as Al Gore stand to make a tone of money off this scam because he has set up a company that will directly benefit from it. Plus, deals have been made with some very large companies that provided campaign moneys to politicians that will prove to be very lucrative and will make a huge amount of money for these companies who have set themselves up for the new “green” economy. Everyone will make a ton of money except normal hardworking people like me.

That brings me to the government takeover of the healthcare system. Never have I ever seen, a party so drunk on power, tip its hand so badly. (It shouldn’t surprise me though) It is so obvious that the Democrats and some Republicans want to take over your healthcare just so they can control you. It is a basic socialist tactic so as to control the populous completely. How anybody could say that government run healthcare is a good thing is simply beyond me. Anyone with one functioning brain cell should be able to deduce that the medical profession will take a huge hit with thousands of Doctors leaving the industry, and with a gargantuan increase in patients, getting seen by a Dr. will be nightmare. There won’t be enough clinics or practitioners available to see all the new people who think universal healthcare is a great. They will be in for a rude awakening. It is so simple but for those who see medical care as an entitlement and right, they just refuse to see the truth of the matter. Because of all these “plans”, all of us taxpayers will take a huge hit in the pocketbook and we will not recover from it. All because these “enemies of the state”, made it so.

So here we are today, facing a huge crossroads in our nations history. Do we turn left, or do we turn right? Either we stick to our forefather’s vision, which has served us so well these 200+ years, or we turn left and throw it all away, tearing up the Constitution and ending “The Great Experiment” in democracy? You can bet that all our past foes will be getting the last laugh as the United States falls and all the fighting and dieing that our forefathers did for us, was all for naught. I am truly saddened by that possibility. But there is hope. Not the kind of false, deceitful hope that was touted this last Presidential election, but real HOPE. We need a change of attitude in Washington DC and as long as we still have free elections, we still have the power. That is the power to throw out all the “Enemies of the State and Constitution” this next election cycle, and put people in office that will live up to their oath of office. I just hope and pray that someone is keeping score of all the damage so it can be undone when we regain control of our government.

Just a thought…………..

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