Do we now "bow" to the world and do what we are told to do?  Is this what our forefathers fought for?

Do we now "bow" to the world and do what we are told to do? Is this what our forefathers fought for?

As I suspected, Obama has once again proved himself to be what I call an enemy of the Constitution, and in this case, an enemy of the Declaration of Independence. It is my belief that is being born out of evidence that every time he goes to a meeting of nations leaders, he somehow, some way, sells us out a little more. For example, it is now becoming known that he has signed the United States of America into a global financial deal that directly puts our sovereignty into jeopardy. He has done this by allowing “emerging” 3rd world countries to have authority over our economy much like the European Union did to the nations there. He has literally sold us down the river in an effort to realize his dream of a socialist America where we are no longer in control of our own destiny. This effectively usurps the Declaration of Independence and makes us subservient to other poorer nations. Does anyone other than me see this as something really really wrong?!?!?    How do we little “minions” stop something like this?  Is this something our Legislators have to ratify?  If so, can we convince them to not ratify this?  Can we all sign into some type of class action law suit against Obama for his actions against the US and its citizens?  I don’t know…….Anybody else have some other ideas??  Here is the article written by Dick Morris that outlines what Obama has done.   Click the pic for the story………..God help us………

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