OBAMA WINS THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????



Huh!?!?!?!?  At the risk of sounding like all the rest of the pundits, WHAT HAS THIS GUY DONE TO DESERVE THIS??  THIS IS WRONG ON SOOO MANY LEVELS!!   This award goes to show that this organization is corrupt and is pushing the “one world, America must be taken down” agenda.  Obama has not done anything that could be remotely considered as worthy of this award.  The very fact that this has been awarded to him, completely discredits the Nobel Organization and lessens the importance of all the other award winners, not to mention Al Gore who doesn’t deserve his either.  This organization in my opinion is worthless and is pandering to all other so called world leaders who admire Obama.  Such as Castro, Chavez, Amadenajhad ( I don’t care if I misspelled it), the Saudi’s, and all the other despots in the world who have seen Obama cow-tow to them……All in all, this is ludicrous and is beyond comprehension.  Click HERE for a related story.

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