I wonder if Rahm Emanuel is behind this?.......Hmmmm

Is this any surprise to anyone?  I am only surprised that the evidence was actually found!  Click the pic for the story, however, I think that with a little digging, more evidence could be found that would also prove that the WH covertly has pressed other agencies such as the EPA, DHS, DOJ, FBI, BATF and others in order to push his vision and agenda on the American Citizens.  I believe that he, and the Dems in Congress do not have the best of intentions for the country and Republic.  The rush to enact the Health care bill WITH a public health care option is a perfect example.  If the Dems think that it is going to be such a great thing for us to have a government run medical system, why is the Bill written so as to not go into effect until AFTER the 2012 election and not 2010 as soon as possible?  Don’t know? Here’s why……The Dems know what kind of disaster this Bill is.  They know that if they enact this scheme right away, once people get into the system and get a “dose” of how screwed up their medical care is now, there will be such a huge backlash Obama will never get re-elected in 2012.  It IS that simple.  No one is saying that health care does not need to be “fixed”, but this is not the way to do it, PLUS it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. 

It is my belief, because of comments from the likes of Maxine Waters, who slipped and said that the Dems goal was to “socialize” the country, and others who have expressed same such convictions.  Also because of the replies I get back from my Dem Reps in the form of Congressman Brian Baird, and Senators Cantwell and Murray who have all expressed the support of legislation that is blatantly in violation of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.  How else am I supposed to feel when my own government calls all us Vets, “Right Wing Extremists” and doesn’t retract the statement.  How else are WE supposed to feel when the DHS publishes a “dictionary” of extremist groups that effectively encompasses all Americans one way or another.  How else am I supposed to feel when our civil rights are eroded more and more each day, such as just done in the 2010 Defense Appropriations Bill where a “Hate Speech” amendment was slipped in that effectively makes it a “hate crime” if something is said about a federally protected group and someone is just basically offended by the statement?  I thought the 1st Amendment protected free speech and allowed us to voice our opinions in a non-violent manner?  How are we supposed to think when every time we turn around, another Bill is introduced that is a blatant gun grab that amounts to gun control measures that are “in your face” efforts to violate the 2nd Amendment?  How am I to think, that if I stop getting this info out, I am turning my back on our Democracy?  HOW ARE WE TO FEEL WHEN WE DON’T TRUST OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ANY MORE BECAUSE THEY LIE TO US?  Answer me these questions.   A Conservative American Vet wants to know.  And I don’t think I am the only one either……………………………………

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