In this past year I have learned so much more about our representative form of government and how it REALLY works.  Since the Liberals have elected “The ‘Bama”, he has made it pretty easy for us to see inside this most elite club of high rollers.  I have always known that it wasn’t so much of how something is really right or wrong, it’s how much money you cross palms with to get the votes you need to push your agenda.  Whether that be just getting elected, or pushing Bills through Congress, it’s the money that talks.  A President literally buys the office because whoever wins has had to outspend the opponent, swaying more people to vote for them to  get the Electoral College votes.  The same is true for Congress, minus the Electoral College.  Once someone is voted into the Congress, it doesn’t matter, both the Senate and House of Representatives make sure you know that you are a “Freshman” to the group and you will do what you are told and assigned to various committees, all of which you are a “junior” member.  Even if your platform was to go to Congress and “clean it up”, it is demonstrated to you in no uncertain terms that you will play by the “rules” or you will be marginalized and made completely ineffectual and impotent, thus effectively shutting down any and all efforts to “change” or “reform” the “Good ol’ Boys Club”.  The only thing now that matters to the Liberal Dems is to accumulate as much power as they can either individually or as a body, meaning the Federal Government.  Lost is the rule of law and Constitutionality and just plain morals.  As much as I hate to admit, more and more of them are becoming more and more like Barney Frank who can justify most anything in his own mind according to his twisted, self serving logic.  I remember when one of my Senators, Patty Murray, was initially running for the Senate.  Her big sales pitch was that she was the “Mom in tennis shoes” going to Washington.  Sounded good, but what happened?  She fell in lockstep with everyone else in the Senate and to this day, will not stray from the Dem party line, as demonstrated by her replies to my numerous and rather pointed and direct e-mails.  Like I said, our government is broken, and the only way we can fix it is to ensure that all future electee’s feet are held to the fire and that they demonstrate on a regular, routine basis that they are, in reality, doing the real work of the Constituents, and not lining their pockets with bribe money.  The 2010 mid term Congressional elections will be our opportunity to start setting things on the right path again.  All the Conservative candidates MUST pass muster and promise to work to get the Congress back to where is it supposed to be.  And that would be to always “PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND” the Constitution of the United States and stop the continual attacks on the Bill of Rights.  Like so many, I grow weary of telling my Representatives to abide by our Founding principles, tenets and documents.  We as citizens should not be telling them of something that is so fundamental and required by oath.  We must not send any more “good ol’ boys” to join the club.  We as a nation cannot afford it any longer……..

Click the pic for an example showing how out of control they are…….

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