Evil Step-Brothers???

I applaud the British troops for having the daring and refusing to see the PM at their hospital beds while convalescing from wounds incurred in Afghanistan.  This is akin to our troops refusing to see Obama when he comes to visit at Walter Reed.  I would relish the thought that our troops would do the same and refuse to see a Commander and Chief who has put monetary limits and measures on winning the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  His speech at WestPoint Army Academy was very clear as to his approach to Afghanistan.  I truly feel sorry for all the Cadets in the audience because Obama made it perfectly clear that he does not have their well being and safety at heart because if he is putting monetary constraints on fighting the war, that directly effects the tools the troops have at their disposal to wage the war. This includes everything from guns and bullets to body armor, vehicles, maintenance, air support, and virtually everything else that is needed in theater to successfully prosecute this war.  It could quite possibly lead to many US deaths that could have been prevented, had the Commander and Chief had our troops safety in the forefront of his concerns,….which he apparently doesn’t.  The Cadets got his message loud and clear, as did the world.  Like I said, I wish our troops would send the same message to our “PM”.

  1. #1 by Sherry on 12/06/2009 - 3:50 pm

    I hope (and think to an extent) that people are tiring of his horse and pony show. He has no idea about economics and neither do any of the dumbocrats working for him.

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