This is a BIG win for the 3rd Congressional District!!!!  We can now FINALLY, put someone in his seat that will listen to the conservative base in this district.  As exciting as this is, I can’t help but wonder what his real reasons are for not running again.  He says in this piece in the local rag “The Columbian”, that he wants to spend more time with his family.  I don’t really buy what he is selling on that.  I think that he sees the writing on the wall……..And that is, I believe that he now sees that The ‘Bama is making all the Dems “walk the plank” for him and his agenda.  Obama has successfully painted all the Dems into a corner they can’t possibly get out of shy of pissing off a lot of people on both sides of the fence, conservatives AND liberals.  There just is no way that they can save face and their butts.  I think he sees that and is just taking the “graceful” way out.  Now, with that being said, now that he has literally nothing to loose, he can vote any way he wants without fear of repercussions from the House, meaning Queen Pelosi and Harry Reed.  So now I have to wonder which direction his conscience is going to take him?  Because everything the Congress is trying to do with healthcare and Cap and Tax is obviously sooo wrong, especially with current developments in the climate debate the obvious stupidity of what they are trying to hammer out over the health care issue and the back door deals that are being made there.  So, in my estimation he could be very dangerous right now.  Of course he was going to vote down the party line on these issues anyway…….   Click the pic for the story and click HERE for another story on this.
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