She is the CEO of a corrupt organization and she had an audience with "The 'Bama"

Sounds like “The ‘Bama was caught in another lie.  In just over a week after the CEO of Acorn’s visit, he was asked about the ACORN scandal and he acted like he has very little knowledge of the group.  As we all know by now, he was a Lawyer for the group back in Chicago, yet he feigned ignorance when asked about the group.  Why then would the CEO of ACORN be at the WH?!  It is very evident that he has little regard to what is appropriate and what is not.   He makes Tricky Dick look like a boy scout…..  Click the pic for the story

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 12/31/2009 - 9:45 am

    What can you say about this bunch of Lazy, Lying, Theiving, Cheating, Bottom Feeders except that they are a Bunch of Lazy, Lying, Theiving, Cheating, Bottom Feeders that Obama lies about having anything to do with. This is the type of Organization that Obama and his Cabal support with Taxpayers, Chinese and Soros dollars. The American Dream has turned into an American Nightmare. And by the time enough Americans wake up, shake their heads and realize just how bad this situation is, they will have been consummed by so much corruption IT WILL be too late. Sadly, the people that believed all of Obamas lies, will never realize whats going on as long as they get their Obama Money or how was it? “His Stash”.

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