Below you will find a complete list of Washington State Legislators who signed and sent the below letter to “The ‘Bama” in support of his plan to destroy our medical system.  They all need to be voted out of office as soon as possible.

The Letter:

Dear President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Members of the 111th US Congress:

As leaders in state legislatures across the country, we urgently call on President Obama and the U.S. Congress to take up and pass comprehensive health care reform in 2009.The serious problems with health care in America ‚ ever-rising costs, limited access, inconsistent quality, and waste and inefficiency ‚ converge in the states. The effects of these problems stress state budgets, exhaust family resources, result in lost worker productivity, stifle entrepreneurial spirit, and literally cause tens of thousands of deaths each year.Our disjointed health care system has formed a choke-hold on our economy, limiting job growth and economic development. We cannot fix the economy without fixing health care.Over the past decade, state legislatures have debated and implemented a myriad of reforms to bring affordability, quality and fairness to health care in America ‚ designing solutions that reflect each state‚ unique economic, social, and geographic features. States play a vital role in the health care for hundreds of millions of Americans, by administering and helping to fund public programs like Medicaid and SCHIP, enacting innovations to expand access to public and private coverage, and serving as watchdogs of health insurance companies and other players. Yet, states cannot achieve guaranteed affordable health care for all without the investment, leadership and partnership of the federal government. Successful reform requires robust federal-state collaboration.  Key priorities for reform are reflected in recent state initiatives and public opinion polls which show that Americans want more choices and options for quality health care. Americans recognize that the private sector alone has proven incapable of creating a high-quality, fair, and accountable health care system that works for all families. Therefore, a key priority for reform is the choice of a public health insurance plan that is available to businesses, individuals, and families. Another key priority is strengthening and expanding the Medicaid program with the help of enhanced federal support so that it can serve all low-income Americans. Related priorities include: guaranteeing affordability for individuals and businesses; preserving consumer choice of doctors; eliminating racial, ethnic, gender, and rural health disparities; ensuring shared responsibility among employers, individuals and government in financing health care; and, cost containment strategies that eliminate waste and inefficiency and improve quality, especially for people with chronic illnesses.  Failure to pass national comprehensive health reform now will further jeopardize state and local budgets, undermining public services like education, public safety, and transportation infrastructure.The recently passed economic recovery package includes a number of positive health care measures, but these do not remove states from the critical list. Achieving a high-performing, affordable and quality health care system for all US residents is central to a sustainable economic recovery and to the health and financial security of all families, businesses, and governments.  We, the undersigned, call on President Obama and the Congress to enact bold and comprehensive health care reform this year ‚based on these principles and a strong federal-state collaboration ‚and pledge our support as state legislators and allies in pursuit of guaranteed, high quality, affordable health care for all.

This letter was developed in consultation with national health care reform advocates, including the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Community Catalyst, Families USA, Herndon Alliance, National Women’s Law Center, Northeast Action, SEIU, and Universal Health Care Action Network.

List of who signed:

Rep. Sherry Appleton (WA), Member, Health & Human Services Appropriations Committee

Rep. Brian Blake (WA)

Sen. Lisa Brown (WA), Majority Leader, Member, Health Care Costs and Access

Rep. Reuven Carlyle (WA)

Rep. Maralyn Chase (WA), Vice Chair, Environmental Health Committee

Rep. Frank Chopp (WA), Speaker of the House

Rep. Judy Clibborn (WA), Member, Health Care and Wellness Committee

Rep. Eileen Cody (WA), Chair, Health Care and Wellness Committee

Rep. Steve Conway (WA)

Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson (WA), Chair, Human Services Committee; Member, Environmental Health Committee

Rep. John Driscoll (WA), Vice Chair, Health Care & Wellness Committee

Rep. Hans Dunshee (WA)

Sen. Darlene Fairley (WA), Member, Health and Long Term Care Committee

Rep. Dennis Flannigan (WA)

Sen. Rosa Franklin (WA), Vice Chair, Health and Long-Term Care Committee; Member, Health Disparities Committee; President Pro Tempore

Sen. Karen Fraser (WA)

Rep. Roger Goodman (WA)

Rep. Tami Green (WA), Member, Health Care & Wellness Committee; Member, Human Services Committee

Rep. Kathy Haigh (WA)

Rep. Bob Hasegawa (WA)

Rep. Zachary Hudgins (WA), Majority Floor Leader; Member, Environmental Health Committee

Rep. Sam Hunt (WA)

Rep. Ross Hunter (WA)

Sen. Ken Jacobsen (WA)

Sen. Fred Jarrett (WA)

Rep. Ruth Kagi (WA)

Sen. Claudia Kauffman (WA)

Sen. Karen Keiser (WA), Chair, Health and Long-Term Care Committee

Rep. Phyllis Kenney (WA)

Rep. Steve Kirby (WA)

Sen. Adam Kline (WA)

Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (WA)

Rep. Marko Liias (WA)

Sen. Chris Marr (WA), Member Health & Long-Term Care Committee; Member, Comprehensive School Health Reform

Rep. Marcie Maxwell (WA)

Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe (WA)

Rep. John McCoy (WA)

Sen. Joe McDermott (WA)

Rep. Mark Miloscia (WA), Member, Health & Human Services Appropriations

Rep. Dawn Morrell (WA), Member, Health Care and Wellness Committee

Sen. Ed Murray (WA), Majority Caucus Chair

Rep. Sharon Nelson (WA)

Rep. Al O’Brien (WA), Member, Human Services Committee; Member, Health & Human Services Appropriations Committee

Sen. Eric Oemig (WA)

Rep. Timm Ormsby (WA)

Rep. Tina Orwall (WA), Vice Chair, Human Services Committee

Rep. Jamie Pedersen (WA), Member, Health Care and Wellness Committee

Sen.Margarita Prentice (WA)

Sen. Craig Pridemore (WA)

Sen. Kevin Ranker (WA)

Sen. Debbie Regala (WA)

Rep. Christine Rolfes (WA), Member, Environmental Health Committee

Rep. Mary Helen Roberts (WA)

Sen. Phil Rockefeller (WA)

Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos (WA), Majority Whip

Rep. Larry Seaquist (WA) Vice Chair, Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee

Rep. Mike Sells (WA)

Sen. Paull Shin (WA), Vice President Pro Tempore

Rep. Geoff Simpson (WA)

Rep. Larry Springer (WA)

Rep. Dean Takko (WA)

Rep. Kevin Van de Wege (WA)

Rep. Deb Wallace (WA)

Rep. Scott White (WA), Assistant Majority Whip

Rep. Brendan Williams (WA), Majority External Relations Leader

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 02/15/2010 - 10:14 am

    These are the same people that will allow control over the internet through the DNS and IANA. Sites like this will be limited and freedom of speech will end. This will be World wide and as long as people think this kind of stuff is just a conspiricy they are going to have a rude awakening. The International Telecommunications UNION is working on our president to coordinate this. And we all know how much obama likes unions.

  1. Washington ‘rights’ rally to headline supporter of ‘gun control’ politicians | Starvin Larry

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