Simply put, I am shocked to come to the conclusion that the Obama Administration, to include the Democrat majority Congress has literally sold out the United States to Communist China.  This is something that I thought to be unthinkable because I didn’t believe that there were “forces” within the government that were so malevolent that pure greed would completely over-ride a sense of basic patriotism that has made this country the most powerful nation this planet has ever seen.  The United States has withstood all manner of threats to our security and sovereignty over the last 200+ years.  We have always carried the torch for democracy, freedom and liberty all over the world.  We answered the call when a belligerent Germany under Hitler’s orders, set off to oppress Europe, and when Japan attacked us, and proceeded to occupy many pacific nations and parts of China, we sent troops far and wide.  From Africa to Poland, France to Italy and from New Caledonia to China, to fight Hitler’s Nazi’s, Mussolini’s Fascists and the Emperors Japanese hordes so as to free the worlds citizens from oppression.  The peoples of the world have grown to know that the United States will always fight for the down trodden and oppressed wherever they are.  We were the beacon of hope for all those wishing to be free.  This brings us to today.  I don’t think there is anybody today that truly believes that the United States is or has been wearing “a White Hat” for a long time.  However, with that being said, since the last presidential election, we have been witness to “in your face” behavior from our government that is truly shocking.  The electorate put a man in the White House who has proven himself to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He has proven himself to be the extremist and Marxist that knowledgeable, discerning people knew him to be.  But he fooled enough people to get elected.  Couple that with a Democrat majority Congress that is literally drunk with power to such a degree that the liberals, running the House and Senate, are totally ignoring the will of the people and are so narcissistic that they think they are infallible and incapable of being wrong.  Not to mention that their acts in my considered opinion are seditious and treasonous.  All of this they are doing just to push their agenda, and now that they have sold China an unbelievable amount of bonds, China is dictating policy to Obama as demonstrated by his latest gaff with the Dalai Lama who was for the first time, shunned by a US President, who would not allow the proper press coverage and who was given the “bums rush” by Obama at the orders of the Red Chinese.  This is the low level this Administration has brought the nation to.  I for one never thought I would see this happen.  Our nation is in peril and our sovereignty and national soul is at stake.

As patriots, it is our duty to do what we can to save this nation. In order to do this, we must get out the vote come November.  We must do all we can to get every registered conservative voter out to the polls and cast votes for the conservative candidates on each ballot, in each district, in each state.  We must serve the Liberal Democrats such a monumental, overwhelming, decisive defeat, that a message will be sent to the DNC that will reverberate for generations.  We must push these despicable people so far out of power that they will not be able to see the light of day.  No longer will the rouge politician rein supreme.  They must be held accountable and the message to all liberals needs to be loud and clear.  We REJECT the liberal theology, methodology and tenants.   We recognize them as what they are.  They are subversive, They are Marxist, They are Socialist, and will be stopped.  Come November, vote conservative and pray that the right people, in the right places have been keeping score and initiate steps to reverse course and undo the damage Obama and his henchmen have done.  The constitution once again, will be the law of the land and America will regain the respect it once had, before Barack Hussein Obama did his damage.  So here we are, in the hip pocket of China.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 02/21/2010 - 9:54 am

    This comes as no surprise to me. With the help of supporters like George Soros, this Progressive administration we now have in the White House has methodically been infiltrating into position for quite a number of years. Their overall agenda is to have a World Government that will be under Communist rule just like China. Their biggest hurdle is to put America in enormous debt which with their ability to run Ponzi schemes, money laundering, passing off counterfeit Gold bullion bars for payments to China, selling debt, monetary easements, behind doors World Trade agreements, bailouts, Special Interest Groups, fraud, Shadow money Lenders, Credit Default Swaps, un-needed wars, involvement with Central Banks and their cabals, big oil, selling worthless US treasuries, a total disregard for the Tax Payers Money and the list goes on and on. Their creativity is endless when it comes to wasting money which also includes putting money into their own pockets (bonuses, raises, retirement) all the while, putting America into default. And with this Pure Marxist Socialist President and his wife flying around the World disrespecting World leaders wasting even more money, the America we knew will never be the same. All that was needed was someone to come along like Obama to fit the bill so George Soros & company could see that Obama was the next President.
    It’s curious that the Chinese Government is encouraging their people to invest in Gold. That’s something that has been unheard of up until the past few years. I guess they want everyone to feel secure when they see the U.S. dollar not used as a Fiat currency any more (seeing as how the value of the US dollar continues to decline).
    Ron Paul U.S. Congressman is on the right track wanting to audit Fort Knox. There are a lot of rumors out there about how much actual Gold is there and where has it all disappeared to. The Fed needs to step up to the plate on this issue as they are just as responsible for America’s huge debt to China and other countries as our President, Senate and Congress.
    Our Big Government is capable of more corruption than one can even imagine. Once the Global Warming Treaty is signed and the Health Care Bill is passed, it will have sealed our fate. China is counting the days until this takes place.
    I feel that if all were told, most of our Big Government officials, State wide and Nation wide would be convicted of Economic Terrorism. But that’s just my personal opinion.

  2. #2 by Rick L. on 02/24/2010 - 10:58 am

    China recognizes the problems we have here in the United States with people and groups like ACORN, Van Jones, Andy Stern, Nancy Pelosi, SEIU, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Michell Obama, and we have a President that associates himself them and just outright lies about his support of them while his wife denies knowing anything about what’s going on. It’s too bad our Military Troops have supported people and groups like this, giving up life and limb. China will take full advantage of this when the U.S. defaults on their debt to them.

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