This reminds me of Nazi Germany.  Normal citizens were required to have proper paperwork to move about German and other occupied countries.  Everyone heard this everywhere they went “WO SIND IHRE PAPIERE?”  Where are your papers?  So now our own Congress is floating this boat all in the name of immigration and undocumented worker control.  What next?  This ID card would end up being used for all types of purposes, just like your Social Security Number is today.  Your SSAN was intended ONLY to be used for identification within the Social Security system.  See how that was and is being misused and abused?  Think that wouldn’t happen with this card?  You’d be wrong.  Write your Reps and tell them not only no, but hell no!!  This country is not going to go down that road.  November is coming!!

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 03/10/2010 - 10:06 am

    Well think of it this way. It will create more jobs for China making all these biometric cards and scanners. It will create more jobs to install the scanners not to mention jobs created for people to do all the fingerprinting and processing. Oh and don’t forget the DMV will need to be retrofitted to handle the prospective employees for employers that can’t afford the scanner. And just think of all the extra taxes generated. Of course we’ll have to have a few extra government departments to monitor all this. Maybe, a group like Acorn? I’m sure they won’t have any problems with under ground cards being made as these will be tamper proof and nobody will ever figure out how to reproduce them. Oh yeah, this is a great idea.
    I wonder if we all get brown suites to wear or is it blue? Well what ever the communist get. What’s Obama’s favorite color?
    You know there is a fluorescent ink used for tattoos that glows under certain conditions.
    I wonder if the thought ever crossed the minds of the Senate to tattoo a bar code on everyone? You know, similar to the concentration camps in Germany.

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