THIS CANNOT STAND.... click the pic for Rep Dingle admitting they want to control the people

As we have now had a couple of days to digest this last act of despotism out of the Democrat Party, it is now time to come up with a plan on how each and every one of us is going to work to defeat these cowardly, Marxists come November.  We must also come up with a “code of conduct” that we demand each and every Conservative Incumbent and Candidate MUST abide by.  In all honesty, we must thank “The ‘Bama” for bringing to the forefront, for all to see, his version of transparency.  He has done all of us patriots a HUGE favor because he has tipped his hand and has demonstrated just how corrupt D.C. really is.  We already knew, to a small degree, about the back room deals, the paybacks and graft going on.  But now, thanks to Obama and his henchmen, we have had it shoved in our face.  And I gotta say, I don’t like what I see at all.  For me, all of this matters greatly, but the one act that stands out that they DON’T do, is abide by their oath of office.  For if they did, we would not be having these conversations.  We would not have to worry about the future of our Democracy because we would be secure in the thought that our Elected Officials “have our backs” just like their oaths state.  However, that has not happened.  I for one, am sick and tired of having to write my Reps telling THEM to do their job and abide by and protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Question; Why should a citizen, who is supposed to have the security blanket provided by these documents, always have to fight for their rights as outlined in the foundational documents?  I know, it is a rhetorical question….It is because simply, we have the best government money can buy…literally.  Thus the corruption, which breeds more corruption, and on and on and on…So here we are.  Our Democrat (notice I say “Democrat” not “Democratic”.  The two words are not synonymous. “Democratic is a form of government, “Democrat” is a political party) Reps have come up with this, what I think is unconstitutional health care bill, behind closed doors and shoved it down the citizens throats against their will.  For all intents and purposes, our Democracy died as soon as the bill was signed into law.  The government now REQUIRES a citizen to buy a product as a condition of citizenship. If you don’t, you will be fined.  If the fine is not paid, they will throw you in jail.   Who is “They”?  The 17,000 new IRS Agents who will be monitoring your compliance, that’s who….  What if GM is going to go under?  You need a car, but want a VW?  Are the Feds going to require everyone to by a Chevy?  Because this precedent has now been set, they could….  Do you wonder why the idea of a “single payer” system has been dropped?  It’s because the Feds are taking over the Insurance companies thusly becoming a “utility” of the government, thus accomplishing the same goal, sidestepping the controversy.  And oh, don’t forget, Congress and their Staffers are exempt from this Health Care bill.  As is everyone in the WH…


To digress, what we must do is MANDATE that our Elected Officials abide by a clearly defined code of conduct.  NO more earmarks.  No more back room deals.  No more shredding of the Constitution.  No more lying to the constituency and not listening to them. No more categorizing the veterans as “Right Wing Extremists”.  The list goes on an on.  We must all vote in November and support the conservatives who deserve our votes.  They MUST state that they will not behave as their predecessors have.  I urge you all to work for the conservatives you support in any way you can.  If you can, even send money to the conservative candidates not in your district.  We can win this if enough money is poured into the campaigns of each deserving conservative candidates. I know I will.

We cannot allow our Democracy to die.  To become the USS of A (United Socialist States of America) is not acceptable.  Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!  I am reminded of a picture I once saw.  It is a picture of a Stork eating a Frog.  The Frog is in the Storks mouth, but the Frog has its hands around the Storks neck, so it can’t swallow……  We’re the Frog.  Never give up, Never say “uncle”, and Never let them see ya sweat.  Stay calm and just get the job gone.  Please leave a comment with your suggestions on “code of conduct” requirements.  I’m sure everyone would like to see every ones ideas on the matter.

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 03/25/2010 - 8:08 am

    The idea of waiting until November and vote out the Democrats is a good idea. While voting for the Republicans sounds like a good idea, here in our state one of the republicans is in favor of reversing a bill which will raise our property taxes. The other is running with education as part of her platform. We already pay enough taxes and I really think our politicians have used the education excuse for long enough. As far as I can see the education system is and has been a joke for a number of years. And now with this indoctrination of children, this problem with politicians only touches the surface. America has a huge problem with progressives, socialist, groups and individuals with evil intent. So where does this leave us? Vote for the lesser of two evils? It seems to me that all politicians and I mean ALL politicians, that when they get in office and have a little bit of power and lots of money to spend, it’s like…………. people? What people?
    What we need, as long as the government can change the rules and laws as they need, there should be no term limits. Every politician and government employee is reviewed annually and can be fired or impeached as soon as possible with no excuses. Is this constitutional? Hey, at this point in America’s history, this needs to be enforced by The People for The People and for America. This administration is completely out of control and needs to be stopped. And all this rhetoric you hear about being nice about it, is a bunch of crap. That’s just another way to take away our Freedom of Speech.
    This passing of the health care bill, the up coming immigration bill, and as the “Anointed One” said, all energy cost will increase substantially has us in ruin. Financially, America is in default and all the lies Barack Hussein Obama (a Muslim) tells us, will never change that.
    The only solution I can see is to find another uninhabited continent and start all over again. This place is a mess.

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