(UPDATED 03.25.10)DHS RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST REPORT MADE PUBLIC (repost as a reminder of how our own Government regards its own vets)



I have read  and digested the report and to tell the truth, it runs a chill down my spine.  This report was obviously complied since the election and paints an ugly picture.  DHS has used a broad brush on this subject that effectively paints anyone who has a dissenting opinion as to the governments doings as a right-wing extremist.  I find the language interesting as the authors of this document try to describe what I categorize as a conservative point of view and one of someone who would be normally be called a patriot, a right-wing extremist to include veterans.  I find it interesting that on the second un-numbered page at the front, there is a bottom paragraph that states that this document is not to be given to the media as that “could adversely affect or jeopardize investigative activities“.  Well, evidently it was leaked……..and I might add for good reason.  Everybody needs to remember that this is the so called “unclassified” version of the report.  The classified version is still out there and it most probably contains much more “exacting” and “specific” data such as names, places, dates, activities and so on of peoples that the DHS HAS identified as a right-wing extremist.  I guess I am in that group as is millions of other patriotic law abiding citizens of this country.  I urge you to download this document and read it completely and understand what is being said in it…..I am exercising my 1st amendment rights here  period………..Do we all need to “Lawyer-up”? I urge you also to read the articles linked up from a top ranked Dem and Janet Napolitano herself.  The article from Napolitano is particularly telling in it’s language and her explanation of the veteran issue.  Her purported upcoming explanation to the head of the American Legion rings very hollow and indicates to me that she in fact stands by the report and what is says about vets. extremismreport-0409

UPDATED 032510:


As you can tell by my name block, I am retired military.  I took an oath to “preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution as you did and I want to applaud your efforts in fighting this disastrous Health Care bill.  Your speech on the floor was right on and well done.  I salute you sir for your patriotism.  I too am against this take-over and tax scheme at all levels as you are.  However, as we all know this HC bill is just the tip of the iceberg.  I wanted to bring to your attention something that in particular offends me as it relates to the conduct of these liberal democrats, in particular, Janet Napolitano, DHS Secretary.  The report “Right-wing Extremism:

Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” dated 7 April 2009, beginning on page 8, categorizes, and I believe unfairly, veterans as “Right Wing Extremists”, simply because of a nut by the name of Timothy McVeigh.  I take great personal offense of my government, my nation, calling me a “Right Wing Extremist” simply because I served my country.  I am relating this to you in the hopes that you will do what you can to change that language into something more accurate, and more palatable to the millions of patriotic, law abiding veterans of this nation.  Also, in her follow on document “domestic terror lexicon”, effectively labels everyone in the nation as an extremist of one kind or another.  These actions by DHS seem to be aimed at “labeling” every citizen.  Are these the actions of a honest government or a rouge government?  All of us Conservative patriots are rallying to your call and are behind you in this fight.  I am urging all I can to “get out the vote” in November and re-take our government at the polls.  Please help us veterans regain our respect and dignity that has been stolen by this current administration.

USAF Retired

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 01/17/2010 - 3:21 pm

    Firstly the DHS needs to look no further than the FED, Bernanke, Central Banks, Shadow Government, Builderbergs, George Soros and the Rothchilds for the problems here in the United States. This is where all of the United States and World problems originate. Their greed and hunger for power is unmatched. Their talent for creating money laundering schemes, Ponzi schemes, manipulating the stock market, precious metals pricing, creating war, drug control and this list goes on and on, is their livelihood.

    It is their control over the Media that keeps the majority of the American people mis-informed on the truth of what the Government is actually doing. This convoluted information over the years has warped the perception of what’s right and what’s wrong. Proof of that is the Election of Barack Obama. How so many people could have accepted his outright lies, his peers and associations and still vote for him is amazing. Few people want Health Care Reform, or continuing National debt into tens of Trillions of Dollars, or Czars that answers to no one, or a Government that works for itself, or more and more taxes. And now the government is complaining, calling out that Right Wing Extremists and Vets are dangerous and they want Gun control? Well, you know what? We will need protection from their New World Government which will include a Government run Militia which will include a few unfortunate Vet’s who will be brainwashed and turn on the American people. Of course there will be real Extreme Hate and Racist Groups etc, that originate here in America, but they are the real enemy, not the American people. I truly believe the American Government is the biggest enemy we have.

    I feel that this DHS assessment was written by a very narrow minded, mis-informed Socialist, Marxist Government employee that’s trying to create a little more anger in the minds of the American people. Some 75 years ago, a well known Rothschild relative and agent named Adolf Jacob Shicklgruber in Germany, said to tell a lie over and over, in time the people would believe it. American politicians and government picked up on this Schicklgruber Modus Operandi (MO) and have used it for decades.

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