This article from “The Weekly Standard” pretty much explains how the Democrats “creative accounting” is going to lead the USA down the road to financial ruin.  I firmly believe that this is being done purposely by the current regime in an effort to eliminate the USA as a world power. Nothing else makes sense.  It is impossible to NOT realize that their actions are going to ruin us as a nation.  When we reach the end of the road on this, it will be too late.  As to how this affects our national security, well, it’s pretty simple.  In order to maintain the worlds pre-eminent military force, it takes money, and lots of it.  Even though all the equipment is supplied by the lowest bidder, it is still not cheap by any means.  I am not comfortable with our government “out-sourcing” equipment purchases to foreign suppliers in any way shape or form, even if it would be cheaper.  Also, our fighting men and women need to be paid for what they do.  That is not cheap either.  What are the Democrats going to do next, cut the military pay and re-institute the draft because the drop off in recruitment would be so dramatic, they would have no choice because no one would sign up.  Or,….is this something they are planning?  At this point, I put nothing past these Marxists.  I’m just sayin’………Come November, VOTE THE ANTI-AMERICAN, MARXISTS OUT!  GET OUT THE VOTE!!!   Click the pic for this story and click HERE for a story that illustrates just how far out of touch with reality these Marxists are…  WOW!!

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 03/30/2010 - 9:14 am

    Well, Barack Hussein Obama (a Muslim) said he was going to fundamentally change America didn’t he? It was so obvious he was an Evil person while on his campaign trail, it only tells me that we have more Marxist, Communist Progressive Socialist than one could even imagine here in the United States. Either that or the majority of the people that live here are the biggest bunch of gullible, stupid, non-productive, worthless free loaders that ever lived. All these Tea Partiers you see mean well but it’s not going to solve anything. The government is laughing at all of them while they continue on with the destruction of America. The Tea Partiers need to change there tactics to demanding Impeachment of this Evil Dictator we have living in the White House. If this is not done and they are allowed to continue, America’s debt will be beyond recovery. Also the government will have 95% control of America. The only thing that is saving the people right now is that a lot of people are armed with legal weapons. If it wasn’t for that you would see a government militia roaming our streets. This is not good.
    The immigration bill is all ready written up and ready to be passed. It’s guaranteed that no one will read it. It will be expediently passed before election time and the ones against Obama (a Muslim) and the Democrats will be out numbered at the poles. As long as the New Americans are going to get a (minimum wage) job, government subsidies, health care and more promises from the man. They are going to vote for the man.

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