There is no better example of the liberal Democrat attitude towards our forefathers and our founding documents and principles than what this guy said today at a town hall meeting.  In listening to this video it is blatantly clear that these people are just exactly what these citizens call this guy,  a Nazi, a Communist and a liar.  He walks because he can’t handle the truth.  This is indicative of the attitude of all the Dems and THEY get all indignant when they are called on their conduct.  If you all remember back a month or so, Obama said that he was going to “ratchet up” the arm-twisting and rhetoric.  This is just a manifestation of this tactic.  Between now and November, the Libs are going to pull out all the stops and do everything they can to demonize the Right to include getting the anarchists to disrupt the Tea Party rallies. We must not take our eye off the ball and get distracted by these tactics.  We must stay focused, we must stay on subject and we must NOT sink to their level by doing anything which discredits our Conservative movement.  As far as these Anarchists are concerned, do not react to their hate-mongering.   However, that being said, if you are physically assaulted by them, you have the right to protect yourself, commensurate with the level of violence used against you.  DO NOT VIOLATE THE LAW but protect yourselves.  Cu-does to those who confronted this fraud of a Congressman.  All of these seditious Dems need to be confronted like this.  MAKE them explain themselves!!   Keep up the good work.  NOVEMBER IS COMING

  1. #1 by Rick L. on 04/03/2010 - 8:44 am

    This guy really has no clue what the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence says or means. He thinks “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is in the Constitution, it’s not, it’s in the Declaration of Independence. He obviously has no interest in honoring either one, as with all Marxist. I can’t imagine that he has read more than a few pages of the health bill let alone having read it completely three times like he claims to have done. Seeing as how this article is about the new health care bill and what he thinks is best for everyone. I don’t think it would be out of line to mention that he would more than likely not qualify for this government run health care that’s being forced down our throat because of his weight. If he has some issues with his weight he had better go through his private insurance that all of our government officials have. You know the policy that doesn’t have a death panel like the one we’re going to get. I know, I know that’s not politically correct and we shouldn’t launch personal attacks but like I have said before, being politically correct is a bunch of crap, besides I’m being truthful, unlike Obama and this entire administration we have.
    In this video he has three body guards. Why would anyone one at his caliber need a body guard? Working with the Unions and living in Illinois could it be possible he has made a few serious enemies? If this guy can’t or won’t answer any questions about what he supports, he needs to step aside and let someone else represent the American people.

  2. #2 by Rick L. on 04/20/2010 - 9:43 am

    Every time I see this post it reminds so much of someone I know. They look so much alike they could pass for twin brothers. Before Barack was elected this guy thought Barack was the best thing since sliced bread and would not listen to any thing I confronted him on and always had some lame excuse for Barack’s associations. As I look back at it I would venture to say he still hasn’t realized what a mess thing’s are with this Commander in Chief and where the country is headed. He is good example of the caliber of people that supported Barack and confirms to me that a good percentage of the people here in the United States just can’t handle the truth and will continue on their path of stupidity. Seeing as how he has the same issue with his weight as Phil Hare, when he shows up for his government run physical exam or any physical exam and gets penalized or denied, I doubt very much it would even occur to him what happened or would come up with another lame excuse for his predicament. I know, I know, we shouldn’t make personal attacks and we should be politically correct. But those are the communist ideas not mine and a good example of control and a loss of our precious Freedom. It’s scary to think that people like that are running this country and the same caliber of people continue to vote them.

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