There is a lot of talk now that the Dems are going to outspend the Conservatives or Republicans in the upcoming  midterm elections.  To that I say “So What!?”  All I need to know from this point on is who the conservative candidate is and what is their platform, and I only need to hear it once.  I don’t care if the Libs spend a billion dollars, it won’t make a bit of difference to me.  All we have to know is that anything you hear coming from the Libs will be a huge lie as usual.  We Conservatives are on the brink of making history.  We are in a prime position to take back our government and our nation.  This we will do at the polls in November.  All we need to do is stay focused and informed.  Make sure you vote for the best true Conservative you have running.  Do not back down and do not allow all the hate-mongering from the left get to you.  Remember “Sticks and Stones”….  We must push these Liberal/Marxists back, out of office and retake our congress.  It is up to us Patriots.  No one else will, or can do this.  We must stand shoulder to shoulder and never back down.  The future of our nation is at stake.  Our sovereignty is in jeopardy and our President is incompetent. He is inviting disaster at every turn, whether it is financial, whether it is national security, or whether it is the loss of our Democracy as we spiral towards socialism.  We must vote these hacks out.  GET OUT THE VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!

NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER SAY "UNCLE" Never let 'em see ya sweat!

  1. #1 by Sherry on 04/07/2010 - 5:02 am

    Here here!

  2. #2 by Rick L. on 04/08/2010 - 8:07 pm

    Throwing a damp towel on positive thinking when it comes to voting out the Radicals is not a good idea, but the closer it gets to November the more sweet talk, promises, back peddling and lying Barack Obama the natural born Kenyan will do. So I can imagine that the Obamamaniac’s will come out in full force through groups like Acorn. It really won’t matter how much money anyone throws at the elections as long as the government still supports groups like them. I expect the government to start changing the voting laws pretty soon so more of the uninformed, uneducated, government supported, non working, half illegal groups that are looking for their “Bama’s Stash” will increase at the poles. This Kenyan we have as a commander in chief can and will lie about anything. As long as the Rothchilds, Builderburg Group, Tri Lateral Commission and the Secret Societies want this New World Order, they are not going to give up very easily. They are well on their way to transforming America into a government controlled country.
    Hopefully voting for the lesser of two evils will bring us from the brink of destruction. This election in opinion will be a deciding factor on how far the people can be pushed before we see civil unrest and violence. At that time you will see martial law imposed by our president without the approval of congress. Confiscation of our weapons will be first on the agenda like what they did after Katrina. The Kent State shootings will look like child’s play.

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